Happy Valentines Day 2014

Today I want to take the
time to say Happy Valentines Day to all my loyal readers. You know who you are!
I bet you’re wondering what does a toddler know about Valentines Day? Well to
be honest I know absolutely nothing about the day. What I do know is that I
love you all and Valentines Day is everyday for me. 

Yesterday I was invited by my good friend Jennifer from The Deliberate Mom to
take a look at her blog. I would have visited but with an invite like that I
couldn’t wait, I just had to go. What I read when I got there really bought a
smile to my face. She shared some blogging love and introduced me to some new bloggers that I would
never have met before. A few of them I already knew but it really meant a lot
to me to see that someone really enjoys reading what I have to say. If you have
never been to Jennifer’s blog I would suggest going there. She is a former
educator and the mom to 2 very beautiful girls and by the way she also home-schools.
She lives in Canada (where I want to live one day) and if you’re looking for
activities and advice for your little one, look no further than Jennifer. 

Today I also want to share some blogging love with a few of my
fellow bloggers. It’s a day of love and what’s better than to share the love
around. Now they are in no particular order but mommy and I just love to visit
their blogs and say “hi” every once in a while. We are hoping that
you will say “hi” too. I have already introduced you to Jennifer so
let the list begin. 

Tammy of Our Neck of the Woods: – Now if you have never visited Tammy’s blog before you should
leave my blog now and head over there! I have been living on the farm through
Tammy’s photos for quite some time and I still miss Sylvester her cat. From the
time mommy opens Tammy’s site I know it by heart. I may not know how to say
“Our Neck of the Woods” but I do know how to say, “meow”
and “kitty” and that is how her blog is known to me. Tammy shares her
life with her many chickens, dog and cats with you, and includes some really
delicious recipes to boot. When you visit tell her Madison said

Tamara of Tamara Camera Blog: – Oh I think
everyone knows by now that I am destined to marry Tamara’s son Des. If you
didn’t then I’m telling you now. Tamara is such an awesome storyteller, and I
don’t mean fibs. Tamara draws you in like no other and she is an amazing friend
as well. If you’re looking for awesome photography, amazing writing and
interaction, Tamara has it all. Mommy and I have really been bad when it comes
to interacting with our readers. Mommy blames it on her job but I blame mommy
for being lazy. She promises to do a whole lot better. From what I heard
(through the grapevine), I may be meeting Des very soon. Fingers crossed. 

Janine of Janine’s Confession of a Mommyholic: –
Janine is the mom of two beautiful girls, Lily and Emma. I aspire to be like
Lily when I grow up, sassy and fierce with a mind of my own. If you’ve never
read the adventures of Lily you need to take a trip to Janine’s blog. Mommy
says that she cannot keep up with Janine, it seems like you will miss something
if you ever leave her blog, so you should probably make her page your home
page. 🙂 

Ann of Foodie in WV: – Ann is
a food blogger as you may have noticed from the name of her blog. She is a
mommy of two rambunctious boys. Ann loves to share her stories of her past and
sometimes present in her posts and mommy can almost relate to them all. Now
besides her stories, Ann makes the most delicious dishes and her photos just
makes you want to gobble them up through the screen. You should definitely
check out Ann’s blog. 

Kristine ofMommy Kristine’s Corner: – Kristine lives in the Philippines and is an
educator as well. Two educators on my list, how awesome is that. She is the mom
to a little girl who just turned 7. She shares her stories with us and mommy
enjoys reading them. As a matter of fact we just celebrated Zay’s birthday
party with her virtually, just as Kristine celebrated mine. Maybe one day I can
take a trip to the Philippines and pay her a visit. 

Amber of Fit Mom Boss:
– Amber has been with us from day one. Amber is the mom of 2 boys. We recently
did an Ask Away Friday with Amber where she asked us these amazing questions. Of course, we also got to ask her a few questions of our own. Amber recently became a certified personal trainer and an
online health and fitness coach. She shares some of her tips of getting into
shape with you on her blog. She can certainly whip you into shape.

Brittnei of Homemaking With Style: –
Brittnei is such a great person all together. She is currently pregnant with
baby number 2 and has decided to start a fit pregnancy series. If you are
pregnant and you’re wondering if it’s ok to work out, let Brittnei guide you
with her series. She makes it look so easy to do as well. 

Melanie of Mommy Mentionables: – Melanie is also a mommy of two beautiful little girls. She
has the most amazing do-it-yourselves that you can find. Her whimsy reading nook was absolutely beautiful and mommy is planning on taking her idea. Now, who wouldn’t like a reading nook, especially one so cute?

Kelly of Coastal Kel: – Kelly is a great blogger and the mom to two beautiful kids. A toddler and the other just getting into the teething stage. Kelly lives in sunny Florida where I wish I was right now and she brings to you reviews/giveaways and a little bit of everything under the Florida sun. She is down to earth and we just love her!

Now there are lots more but mommy just wanted to highlight a few
of them. We want to share our love and hopefully you can share a bit of your
own love to them as well. 

It’s Valentines Day, what are your plans?

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