5 Things That Make the Kia Seltos the Perfect Companion for a Road Trip

You can learn a lot about anyone in general by going on a road trip with them. Sitting inside a cramped car space with someone can tell you all you need to know about how a person is, what their intricacies are and how they respond to certain emergencies and problems that you face on the road. An extended road trip by car will also bring out the best and worst traits inside an individual as you go through the ups and downs that a road trip typically has to offer. 

The ride alone will tell you if that individual is clean or messy; tolerant or not; patient or not? All of these factors go on to determine whether the people part of the road trip will go on to have a successful partnership or their plans will falter and fail. The same love/hate equation also applies to the other very important part of the road trip team: the car itself. 

 Kia Seltos new model

Why Does the Car Matter?

A proper road trip, as would be clear to you, requires a lot from the car. The vehicle needs to be fully tuned, there should be no loose corners, the engine should be well oiled and the tires should be performing at their full potential. 

Additionally, the fuel economy of the car should be at an optimal level, as a car that provides decent fuel economy on the road will not be too expensive on the pockets. Less fuel means lower expenses, and who doesn’t want the road trip to end without emptying their bank? 

Finally, the car should be a good companion as well – it shouldn’t be too harsh and noisy and shouldn’t start reacting to the heat or the cold for that matter. The vehicle should provide smooth accelerate as you hit the smooth asphalt of Australian roads with your friends and family. 

The all-new 2021 Kia Seltos ticks all the boxes above and comes across as the perfect road trip companion for everyone. The Seltos SX is fully loaded with a number of key features, including automatic full beams (which might seem unnecessary, until you finally have them in your car and realize just how useful they are), adaptive cruise control for a smooth acceleration experience, a large entertainment center, active lane-keeping mechanism, and wireless phone charging for everyone in the car. Additionally, its full safety suite can detect pedestrians and has emergency braking, a rear-cross traffic alert system, and a blind-spot monitoring system. 

The Kia Seltos includes literally everything that you would want from your travel partner. You can find these attributes in a detailed review of the Kia Seltos. In this article, we shed some light on the 5 things that make Kia Seltos the perfect companion on the roads. If you’re thinking of a road trip with your mates or family, the Kia Seltos could very well be your ideal travel companion based on these reasons: 

The Look 

This is somewhere that Kia as a brand and the Seltos as a vehicle definitely stand out. Kia has turned quite a few heads with the exceptional design of the Seltos. The vehicle has its own distinct character and comes as the perfect ride for a long journey. 

The design for the Seltos has a mix of both Asian heritage and European design. The elegance isn’t compromised by the outgoing and youthful style of the exterior, which most drivers would associate with Korean cars. The interior also has an elegant look and rocks premium upholstery where required. 

Kia Seltos

Excellent Ride 

The attractive shell of the Seltos is complemented with an excellent interior comfort inside. Kia has noted that there is no competition for the Seltos in their own ranks and within the price range. The comfort provided by the vehicle is top-notch and will help you stay at ease on long journeys. 

From the rigid bumps of the city to the smooth asphalt of the highway, your Seltos will minimize external disruptions and give you a solid experience. No sudden jolts, no wind noise, and no road noise will be heard or felt. The in-car experience matches the Sorento’s and gives users the peace and comfort they require on long journeys. 

The IVT 

IVT or intelligent variable transmission is the latest automatic gear type to make it to recent models – most importantly, the Seltos has it. Since the transmission type is relatively new, there are a few people that religiously hate it. 

However, there is no specific reason to hate the Seltos for its gear type and transmission. The IVT is, in fact, an update over the CVT transmission system. The sports mode is fast as well. The vehicle does extremely well on the ups and downs of the mountains and behaves like a typical automatic without compromising on the efficiency of the CVT. 

The Perfect Engine 

The engine is what drives the car forward on a road trip, and your Seltos is perfectly blessed in this regard. The predictability and response of the engine are on point. 

The Atkinson’s Cycle in the engine is geared to achieve optimal efficiency and will give you a decent average on highways for fuel type. The engine will easily give you 15 km/l while you are traveling on highways for a road trip. With fuel prices rising, the Seltos ensures that you get a premium experience without paying more for fuel costs. 

Exceptional Price 

The Kia Seltos is priced fairly. With the extensive list of features, the price sets a good value for money. You get to enjoy a decent road trip with family without splashing out all your money. The Seltos is also one of the best options in its price range within the Australian market. 

Kia Seltos

The Kia Seltos, with its turbocharged engine and reasonable price, can turn out to be your perfect road companion. Take the vehicle for a spin with your family as you go around family parks, resorts, and much more.

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