Kenya Travel Restrictions: COVID-19 Travel Bans

Traveling is the one thing that, no matter what, is capable of solving all the problems in the world. Whether it is just an urge to explore or a mini vacation to take a break from work, traveling has us all covered. One of the places that is perfect for a getaway is Kenya. With its wildlife and different culture, Kenya attracts tourism from all over the world. 

So, even if you are looking forward to traveling to Kenya for business purposes, first you must get a Kenya business visa. However, this is not just it. There is more to the pool of what you should know. Considering the pandemic, there are certain restrictions with regard to traveling to Kenya. In fact, some things are banned as well. Continue reading the article to learn all about it. 

Kenya Travel Restrictions

Kenya Restrictions – What are they?

With regard to traveling to Kenya, there are specific restrictions. A number of foreigners require a visa, and the necessities of entry range from visitor to visitor based on their nationality. Prior to the pandemic, the requirements for entering the nation were dependent on possessing a Kenya eVisa along with a valid passport. However, there are certain temporary necessities that must be met now as well in order to ensure the containment of the virus. 

The ban regarding traveling to Kenya does not exist anymore. Presently, travelers are eligible to apply for a visa in Kenya online within a few minutes. Nonetheless, the government of the nation may change the requirements based on the need, in case the virus spreads further, in order to ensure its citizens’ health and safety. Therefore, it is suggested that you keep yourself updated regarding such news before applying for a visa. 

Restrictions for Entry to Kenya

The borders of the nation are presently open. People from other nations who wish to visit the nation can simply apply online for a visa. Once the visa is issued, the travelers can enter the country within 3 months. Apart from this, the tourists who have previously been impacted due to the restrictions regarding entry into Kenya are now eligible to reschedule their canceled tours. The vouchers that are issued in the name of reimbursement can be utilized within a period of 12 months. 

Current Requirements associated with COVID-19 in Kenya

The following are the requirements that Kenya has provided for travelers in order to ensure the safety and health of its citizens. 

  • The individuals of a nationality other than that of Kenya must possess a visa as well as a valid passport for traveling.
  • All the passengers must possess a negative PCR test report, which is a result of the test taken prior to their journey to Kenya.
  • All the passengers must demonstrate a certificate of health that confirms the test taken.
  • All the passengers must fill the Travellers Health Surveillance Form
  • All the passengers must go through the medical screening once they arrive at their destination.
  • All the passengers must go through the period of quarantine in case it is crucial.

When you possess an eVisa from Kenya, you have the right to travel even during this time. Since the operations of flights have resumed and the borders of Kenya have reopened, anybody with a valid visa and a passport can travel to the nation. 

Need for Cancelling or Postponing the Trip

By all means, there is no need to cancel your trip to Kenya or postpone the trip that you are currently planning. As stated earlier, the borders of the country are now open, and as of now, there are no specific restrictions for entry regarding the eligibility of travelers. Further, the only thing required is for you to check, as a foreign national, whether you require a visa or not, along with the kind of permit that you must be applying for prior to your departure for Kenya. The process has now been made easy by providing the option to apply for a visa online. 

Safety Measures

When it comes to traveling during the time of a pandemic, it becomes a little scary. It is definite that you might have certain concerns related to the facilities and services that would be available to you. Well, there is great news in there for you! Everything in Kenya is returning to normal gradually. This means that the movement out of and into Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is now possible. All you need to remember is that there is a nationwide curfew in the country, which starts at 11 at night and ends at 4 in the morning.

The authorities as well as the airlines in Kenya are taking measures to make sure that you travel safely. Nonetheless, prior to your departure, kindly check the recent health advice. 

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