9 Best Destinations to Celebrate the Holidays With Your Family

Celebrating the holidays with your family is both memorable and chaotic. However, you can make it one for the books if you celebrate the holidays somewhere else.

That said, we have listed nine top destinations where you can spend Christmas time with your family.

1. New York, USA

New York, USA, is a great holiday destination to spend with friends and family alike. This City That Never Sleeps always has something going on that you can enjoy. There is a multitude of activities that you can do in New York without spending a lot of money.

During the holiday season, other activities pop up that you should make sure to do or see. For example, a popular activity that you shouldn’t miss out on would be the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that happens every year. It’s the world’s largest parade and is the second oldest Thanksgiving parade in America.

The colorful and giant balloons are a great spectacle to behold as an adult, but these are even more interesting for kids. There are also performances during the parade or after. You can enjoy marching parades, Broadway performances, or musical artists.

2. Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife, Spain, is a great way to spend the holidays if you’re looking to go somewhere warm and bask in the sun. Since Tenerife has a sub-tropical climate, you can comfortably move around without suffering from heat or the cold. Some people can even enjoy a dip at the beaches around Tenerife during the holidays.

While you’re there, you should enjoy the holidays the way the Spanish do. During Christmas Eve, they celebrate a grand feast that can last until deep in the early Christmas morning. You can also enjoy a midnight mass which is a regular part of a Spanish Christmas.

There are plenty of Christmas markets that you can also enjoy if you like shopping around. There are also places where you can sip some local wine and cheese as you want in the local restaurants.

3. Lapland, Finland

Finland is where Santa Claus lives, not in the North Pole, so it makes sense that you should consider spending the holidays in Finland. Lapland, Finland, in particular, is a great holiday destination where you can feel the Christmas spirit in the air. Your kids will especially love to experience Santa in Lapland, Finland.

You can arrange for a meet and greet with Santa. Other activities that can make you feel the holidays would be to go on a reindeer sleigh ride or even husky sledding. There are also plenty of snow-based activities that you can enjoy. For example, riding Skidoos, having your kids on top of toboggans, and even playing snow hockey.

4. Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa is a great destination when you’re looking for places to go during your holiday breaks. For those looking to move to warmer climates during the holidays, Cape Town, South Africa, is particularly pleasurable to stay in. It’s excellent for those traveling with their family and also for couples looking for a romantic holiday.

Aside from the usual safari tours in Cape Town, you can also enjoy beachside leisure with the family. You might even find penguins on the beach. 

People who spent their holidays in South Africa also enjoyed renting out a car and driving themselves to different locations. However, if your family is filled with adults, then it’s best to enjoy the Winelands and local food, so that means driving might be out of the question.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is a gorgeous place to be in, whether it’s the holidays or not. However, the experience elevates thanks to the snowy landscape and Christmas lights.

One thing to note is that December 5 is Saint Nicholas’ Eve when St. Nicholas gives gifts to kids. Therefore, your kids might get to enjoy two Christmases if you go to Amsterdam with them.

The Christmas markets are in full swing during the holiday season as well. You can enjoy some local treats like the oliebollen, similar to a donut but shaped into balls. They have fillings in them or served with icing sugar, making it a sweet treat to indulge in during the holidays in Amsterdam.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

If you find yourself in Copenhagen, Denmark during the holiday season, make sure to visit the Tivoli Gardens.

In the Tivoli Gardens, your family can enjoy all sorts of things. You can walk around and admire the many Christmas lights strung around the area. It’s also fun for kids and adults because there are plenty of carnival games to participate in when you’re there. Of course, you can’t forget the holiday food and drinks to partake in.

You can enjoy these and more starting in the middle of November, and it goes all the way through December.

7. Quebec, Canada

Another destination to enjoy a genuinely White Christmas would be in Canada. Quebec, in particular, is a foodie destination, and when it’s the holidays, you are sure to enjoy the holidays through a gastronomic experience.

Your family can try the Old Quebec Food Tour and sip some hot chocolate in the shops that you may encounter. There is also the German Christmas Market that might pique your interest. 

A unique place in Quebec would be the ice hotel, which will be in full swing during the holidays, so why not try staying there with the family?

8. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia is always a great travel destination no matter what time of the year. The entire holiday season experience is also palpable in Sydney. You can hear Christmas carols and meet Santa. Of course, there’s also their version of the Christmas markets for you to peruse.

On Christmas day itself, you should also enjoy a lunch or dinner harbor cruise if you want to be around the waters.

9. Prague, Czech Republic

Holidays in Prague are also an excellent option for a White Christmas. It has some similarities to Amsterdam in how they celebrate the holidays. For example, they also celebrate St. Nicholas Eve in Old Town Square. Your kids will receive gifts or treats, which is always a positive experience.

For the adults, an unmissable holiday treat would be the well-known Czech beer to warm you up on a cold holiday season. You can enjoy that with your local Czech meals like their version of a beer goulash as well as some unique Prague ham.

All the Christmas destinations listed on this post are sure to help you create unique memories of the holidays with your family. Whether you’re spending a white Christmas or a beachside holiday season, there’s something on this list for you and your family to enjoy.

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