Designing and Maintaining a Clean Home

Small design decisions may have a massive impact on the way you live inside your house especially when it is time to keep it clean. Renovation of your house is a perfect chance for you to concentrate on improving the pain points that you have lived with for a long time. There could be a wish to have more power points or a continuous struggle with an unintuitive kitchen. These changes can make a huge difference to your house. But also keep in mind that you will be required to clean, manage, and maintain your house and no one likes to clean. Here are some design choices for your home.

Designing and Maintaining a Clean Home

1. Develop a Kitchen Hideaway

The everyday appliances such as a kettle, toaster, or blender are normally placed on top of the kitchen benchtop due to the convenience factor. If you pack them and place them away in the cupboard just for the sake of tidiness it may be a bit of a pain especially if you are going to need them again within a few hours. Rather try to create a built-in pigeon hole on top of the kitchen counter. You can just slide the appliances into it. 

According to HomeBNC: ‘Kitchens are possibly the easiest room in which to add extra storage since they already contain cabinets and shelves. But by adding hidden kick plate drawers, a hidden knife rack, or even a hidden fold-down table, you can expand your available workspace.

It can also be a good place to have your power points so that there is no need to unplug before putting away the appliances. In addition, think wisely where you place your LED grow lights in order to avoid being covered in dust and losing their efficiency. 

2. Do Not Leave Any Space Behind the Toilet

Toilets are continuous grime and dust gatherers. However, it is relatively simple to clean them. But if there is a small gap between the wall and the commode this can become a difficult job. It is not only difficult to reach it but it is impossible to fit in a duster or a cloth in the place. So by keeping in mind the cleaning purposes, select a toilet that is either fixed to the wall from top to bottom or there is sufficient space behind it for cleaning the toilet circumference. If you are looking to make your loo spick and span, get one that has removable seating.

3. Use Sofa Covers that Are Machine-Washable

It is a good idea to get leather or vinyl furniture for your home especially in the event you have children that are likely to spill over a glass of milk from time to time. It makes cleaning up after the mini-accidents a breeze. If you do not like the looks resembling leather you can use slipcovers for your furniture. Cleaning them will be a cinch if these covers are created from machine-washable fabrics. After your kids have grown up you may strip back these layers to enjoy the couch in good condition.

4. Select the Right Flooring for Every Room

For the area in your home that has a greater degree of foot traffic such as the kitchen and entryways opt for polished concrete, vinyl, or hardwood flooring. It is easy to spot and clean them and they are more resistant to spills and dirt. Have the carpet for the bedroom area and other relaxed spaces where you are going to walk around barefoot and will not be spreading around the dirt found on your shoes.

5. Do Not Allow the Collection of Dust and Have a Lot of Storage Space

When there is no room available between your ceiling and the top of your cupboards, you will find dust gathering in the area. The same applies to unassembled cabinets, wardrobes, and bookshelves. 

Therefore try to make these storage places stretch up to the ceiling if possible. It is not possible to put away things if there is no space available in the house to put them. Be on the lookout for some makeshift storage places such as bench seating having built-in storage below the heads including shelves.

6. Use Either a Dark Grout or None at All

If you have selected bathroom tiles with darker colors such as black or blue you may want to use grout that is dark as well. Results of using it can appear seamless and the mold collected in places will also look less noticeable. This makes for less frequent and faster cleaning. You can also use the services of professional cleaners for home cleaning. 

7. Choose the Right Wall Coverings

Last, but not least, you should not forget about your walls as it is important they are easy to clean as well. You need to rethink wall coverings and a good option would be vinyl wall coverings. Now there are options available that mimic grasscloth, linen, silk, and so on. You can easily wipe them down and they don’t cost much. 

In Conclusion:

As it can be seen, there are a few tips and designs that are a great help when it comes to keeping your house clean. They are all different tips, but not difficult so anyone can do them. Some of the main ones are developing a kitchen hideaway, avoiding space behind the toilet, using covers that are machine-washable, and selecting the right flooring. Other essential tips are removing dust,  having a lot of storage, using dark grout or not at all, and finally, choosing the best wall coverings. If you follow these steps you can rest assured that you will be surrounded by a clean space and it will be easy to maintain that.

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