Jones Natural Chews Are Too Good to Resist – #MakingDogsSmile

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OK so I had a totally different post title which was Jones Natural Chews makes for amazing stocking stuffers which they totally do. This is how it happened to get changed. My package came and I opened it, placed it to the side and ALMOST forgot about it. Well to be honest I actually forgot about it for a minute. I knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted it done. I took them out of the box, placed them on my breakfast nook table and took a trip to my local dollar store. I needed my props for my photo shoot. I should have known that Jones Natural Chews which are 100% grown and made here in the USA would have been too good to resist. I got back and my dogs were practically smiling. Why? Well the Rocky’s Rollers Soft Lamb Blend Sausage was gone. They had gotten into the package and devoured it, so yes they are too good to resist. Bentley and Ella my two cocker spaniels have never done anything like that before so I was truly surprised, and there they were looking all innocent.

So while I can’t show you my original photos of the Rocky’s Rollers Soft Lamb Blend Sausage, I can show the empty bag and tell you that there are no artificial ingredients. They are soft enough for dogs of all sizes and would make great training tool. I guess Bentley and Ella treated themselves. I only feed my pets all natural products because I want nothing but the best for my pets because they’re family. You only want what’s best for your family. My motto has always been, feed your pets the best so you can have fewer visits to the vet and Jones Natural Chews has never disappointed. There are only 4 stores that are close to me that sells their products but it is so worth the drive. You can find your own store using their store locator. Jones Natural Chews are primarily single ingredient treats, including their bones so I know there are no fillers, or anything that would make my pet sick.

This holiday season Jones Natural Chews has introduced their Canine Christmas Crunchers. It is shaped as a stocking and you can actually hang it but I thought it looked so much better in a stocking. This is totally the perfect dog stocking stuffer for your favorite dog. Included in this amazing stocking stuffer is 5 pieces of chews that would certainly make your own dog smile. You will find 1 Pig Ear, 1 4″ Beef Center Bone, 1 Beef Hoof, 1 5″ Pork K9 Bacon Roll and 1 Beef Knee Cap. These are also all natural with no artificial ingredients added.

I opened the Beef Knee Cap and the Bacon Roll for both dogs and had them choose. Since Ella is the smaller of both dogs I thought that she would have grabbed the bacon roll. Nope! She went right for the knee cap while Bentley went for the bacon roll. Bentley is still officially a puppy and is still in his teething stage. I’m happy to say that this will be a distraction that will keep him away from chewing on everything else. He has chewed on quite a few of Madison’s shoes and these are so much more healthier than shoes.

I can’t begin to say how happy we are with Jones Natural Chews and of course since I have been using their treats for a while, I am obviously going to continue using them. Jones Natural Chews being a family run business is dedicated to making the best dog treats and I want nothing but the best for my fur babies. What about you?

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