An American Girl Adventure – Holiday 2015

Madison here again! If you’ve never been to an American Girl store I would suggest heading there before the Holidays is over. It’s an adventure for sure and there is so much to learn. American Girl offers a Personal Shopper experience and the good news is that it’s totally free but it’s also something that you have to schedule. This past weekend Mommy and I and my Bitty Baby took a trip to American Girl where we had a personal shopper and got to experience American Girl like never before. Since I was taking my Bitty Baby with me I decided that we were going to have matching outfits so I dressed up in the American Girl Snuggly Sweater with their Snuggly Leggings, and my Bitty Baby had on her matching Snuggly outfit.  This isn’t my first rodeo as they say but it was my first time having a personal shopper and I’m not sure why mommy never thought of having one before. She was AMAZING and I got to learn so much that I never would have if I had just gone into the store to shop. So what’s in store for you this year at American Girl? Well that’s what I’m here for. So let’s begin!

I’m not sure if your store is like mine, but mine is all decked out for the holidays and it’s awesome. First let’s get into the American Girl Doll of the Year Grace Thomas. If you’re thinking of getting her, well she’s only available until the end of the year so you’ll have to hurry. Here is something that you may not know, but Grace is an avid baker and American Girl launched the campaign “For Goodness Bake!”. It’s a fund-raising initiative in support of No Kid Hungry. Every $1 you donate can provide up to 10 meals for a needy child. When you shop at American Girl in stores you can donate right there at the register. How amazing is that? We had no idea so of course when we checked out we donated. After all mommy and I believe that there should be no hungry kids in the world.

To make this even better when you purchase the Williams-Sonoma spatulas available at American Girl a portion of the sales also go to the No Kid Hungry campaign. Now that’s not all that available in stores. I have more for you. At the time we were in the retail store, there were amazing sales going on and of course the one and only store exclusives. Another reason for you to go in to the store. Just look at the exclusive below. You get the entire outfit (doll not included) at an amazing deal and it’s only available for the holidays. How much? I’m not going to tell you. You have to go in and check it out for yourself.

And of course they have some of the most coveted dolls that are on every little girls’ wish list this Christmas. And American Girl has a doll for everyone. From the Bitty Baby which I received for my very first Christmas to the dolls that looks truly like me, there is a doll for everyone! My favorite has always been the Bitty Baby Twins, perfect for those who have twins of course, but even if you don’t you can get them separately. Now the reason I’ve always liked the twins is that they’re the only Bitty Baby to have hair. Bet you didn’t know that? The original Bitty Baby’s don’t have any hair making them perfect for the little ones who love putting everything in their mouth. You can mix and match the twins, so you can have them anyway you want them. Bitty Baby also come with their own story book.

Now don’t despair. American Girl didn’t want us little ones to feel left out, so just like the big kids the Bitty Baby’s also have their own accessories and clothing line. YES!! So we can look grown up too just with a smaller version of the dolls the bigger kids like. We can match our dolls just like they can because they also have the clothing for smaller kids just like me. At this time I can’t fit into the bigger kids clothing but I can sure fit into my Bitty Baby clothing line made just for me. This is perfect for your little one’s first Christmas.

Now you may also be wondering about that doll that I said looks truly like me. Well American Girl along with having their signature Be Forever dolls  also have a “Truly Me” collection of dolls as well. These dolls can be purchased to look like your own little girl at home. From the skin tone, to the hair and even down to the freckles. Yes you can have a doll that looks truly like you. These dolls are the same size as the signature dolls and can fit into all the clothing made for the other dolls. Also all accessories can be used for them as well. I like to think of these dolls as the dolls of this era since their clothes are so much more stylish and fun, just like we wear now.

So you’ve seen a few dolls but if you’ve never been to an American Girl doll store you may not know about the Doll Hair Salon. Here your dolls can be pampered while they have a new hairstyle or even a spa day. You can even get your dolls ear pierced here too.

So what else did I learn while I was at the American Girl store? I learned that they have accessories to complement every child. For example if your little one is into music you can purchase the music kit. If he/she loves horses, there’s one there too. I even noticed that there were wheelchairs for dolls because not every child can walk. American Girl truly thought of everything! And don’t worry, the store is totally kid friendly so you can touch and play with the dolls and accessories while you’re in the store. That’s what the display is there for. Of course mommy made me clean up after I was done having tea.

Now while I briefly mentioned the signature Be Forever dolls, I won’t go into much details because these are the dolls that everyone knows and love. These are the books that our parents possibly read growing up. Each doll comes with a book that tells their story. What you may not know though is that the Samantha you see in stores today is not the same Samantha of years gone. See that’s what the personal shopper is for. She tells you EVERYTHING, and this Samantha is just a tad different, her clothing is also a little more updated. So if you have the old Samantha with the older fashion, she’s now a collectible, but I’ll grab this one too if I were you. And while there don’t forget to pick up their holiday clothing for your doll and your little girl as well. This is Kit Kittredge below, Kit grew up in the 1930’s and is one of the more popular Be Forever doll. Notice all the clothing selection made especially for her?  However she still fits into the other clothing styles as well, if you want her to look like a girl of this generation.

I spent quite a long time at the American Girl store and there was so much to see and do that I became overwhelmed pretty fast, but it was so worth it! Mommy made a few purchases and American Girl gifted me with a doll of my choice. I chose the Be Forever doll Addy with a little help from mommy since there was so much to choose from. I also received a goodie bag which included brand new Bitty Baby book, and a few other surprises. I couldn’t wait to get home to play with her. After all no-one said that it was my Christmas gift. Thank you American Girl for making my day! Now I want to share with you my Addy and the other cool stuff I got while there.

So let me show you what I got and what you can expect to find at your own local American Girl store and online.

Matching holiday dresses for you and your doll that is perfect for picture taking. Think holiday photo cards for the family.

Matching holiday pj’s too!

Store exclusives such as the one above. This included 3 outfits with accessories and an exclusive American Girl Boutique Shopping Scene. There is also a Salon Scene that is also exclusive to stores and you won’t believe the price. It’s like getting 1 outfit with accessories for free, but just don’t take my word for it. Go in stores now and check it out before they’re gone.

And last but certainly not least, my beautiful Addy doll who I’m going to cherish forever and ever. Addy is also one of the very few to have her ears already pierced. My personal shopper related her story to me but of course since she came with her own book I got mommy to read it to me again.

I got mommy to also pick me up her school outfit from her time along with her lunch pail. After all she can’t go to school without lunch. With my birthday coming up I’m hoping mommy will take me back to get her a few more outfits. Fingers crossed.

So if you’re still hesitant about what to get for your little ones this Christmas, don’t forget American Girl. There are sales both online and in stores but personally I would go in store for those exclusives. Don’t forget as well to donate to the No Kid Hungry fund and to pick up Grace Thomas the girl of the year doll. Trust me your little ones would be amazingly happy this Christmas like I am. American Girl definitely gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP once again!!

Let’s discuss: What do you love most about American Girl? 

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