JCPenney – #SoWorthIt

It’s almost time for Back to School here in Colorado. In just 2 very short weeks the kids will be officially back in school. We had an amazing summer, but I would be lying if I said that we are all ready. We are actually ALMOST ready for back to school and with kids in Junior High, High School and College, it can be a pain shopping for them all. They all have their own unique styles and so I usually would have to go store to store. Lately, however, my one stop shop has been JCPenney because I can shop there for the entire family and it’s so affordable I never feel like I’m breaking the bank. This Back To School Season, JCPenney is our destination for everyone to reset and refresh their look for the new school year. JCPenney has teamed up with Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s Alfonso Ribiero to create a fun and lively video to help our kids get excited about going back to school. Inspired by the likes of Lip Sync Battle, Carpool Karaoke and Classroom Instruments, the video is filled with music and dance. Just check it out!

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with JCPenney

When I first saw the back to school video all I thought was “cool back to school fashions”, my kids would totally love those and rock them too!  The good thing about JCPenney is that they’re always on trend and you always get value for your money. So if you still haven’t done your back to school shopping as yet, and you’re like me with more than one child to shop for, get your back to school shopping done at JCPenney. It’s your one stop shopping for the whole family and believe me, it’s So Worth It!

Let’s discuss: What do you think of JCPenney and their Back to School video? 

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