Is it Time to Get Laser Hair Removal?

Those who aren’t well-versed in the art of laser hair removal may not realize that there is actually a whole lot of thought that goes into the process! In order to be “beach-ready”, you must carefully plan and time your laser hair removal sessions. It usually takes more than one visit for laser hair removal to be complete, and you need time to ensure that the process is working, that there are no complications such as in-grown hairs, rashes, etc.

Legs in Pool

Because of this many assume that starting in the spring might be the best bet. It gives you time to get all the sessions done and the removal will be complete just before Summer, having you beach-ready at just the right time! But many laser hair removal enthusiasts actually disagree with this, and for good reason.

In the Spring, your skin is exposed to the sun daily. Depending on where you live, you may even be wearing shorts and tank tops, exposing more of your arms and legs to the sun. Laser hair removal doesn’t work best when the patient is seeing daily sun exposure on the skin, so getting this process done during the spring is actually counter-productive. This is because the process of removing hair via laser makes the hair follicle and surrounding skin sensitive to light. For skin that is undergoing laser treatment, being exposed to the sun can cause damage to the pigments in your skin or the hair follicles or both.

Now, you could begin laser hair removal in the Winter, but experts agree that’s actually not the best time, either! While it’s better to begin in Winter, the optimal time for laser hair removal to begin is earlier than that. In truth, it’s better to start laser hair removal during fall. Why?

One thing many don’t realize is that laser hair removal is a process that can take anywhere from twelve to as much as eighteen months. That’s over a year! If you fail to give yourself enough time, you may find Summer creeping up behind you before you’ve finished your sessions, and you won’t be finished with the laser hair removal process. It’s better to begin in a time like the fall when legs aren’t exposed at all to the sun, and you have plenty of time to schedule those spaced-out sessions (experts recommend you space out each hair removal session by six weeks at least). Starting in the fall gives you much more time to space out your sessions and ensure that the hair removal is working by the time you’re ready to don that swimsuit.

Laser hair removal is a great option for many, especially those for whom shaving or waxing is not an option. You’ll have great results, as long as you give yourself enough time to do the spaced-out sessions you need and avoid exposing your skin to the sun during treatment. Taking the time to do the research and making sure laser hair removal is right for you before you make that first appointment is key. 

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