Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Never Land Rescue #Movie

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I am a big Disney Junior fan but only when daddy is around. Mommy prefers that I don’t watch too much TV but daddy said that there’s nothing wrong with watching a bit of TV, especially Disney Junior. I have to agree with daddy but mommy of course disagrees. She says TV isn’t that good for me. I guess mommy doesn’t see how Disney Junior can really help me but I can show her. I’m learning how to patch up my toys with Doc McStuffins and I’m also learning how to be a good friend with Disney’s new princess, Sofia the First. I’m betting you’re asking so how does Jake and the Never Land Pirate help. Well I’ll tell you all about it with this new full length adventure that is now available from Disney Junior.

Film Synopis:

Something strange is happening all over Never Land. All things magical are disappearing! First, Jake’s sword vanishes, followed by Izzy’s pixie dust – and even all the directions on Cubby’s map fade away! Jake and his crew soon learn that this is all happening because the Forever Tree, the source of magic on Never Land, is old and dying. As the great tree withers, the magic will continue to disappear, until Never Land itself fades away! But there is hope. 

Jake must go on the Forever Quest to get new pixie dust, a new map, and a new sword. All three items must be brought to the top of Mount Destiny by sundown, where they will help bring forth the new Forever Tree. The one who saves the magic of Never Land will receive some of the magic of the new tree, making them the most powerful pirate in all of Never Land! Of course, Captain Hook also wants this magic for himself – and he too takes on this great challenge. Despite the odds against Jake, our brave hero saves the magic, and brings forth the birth of a new Forever Tree! Yo ho, way to go, Jake! INCLUDES FREE EXCLUSIVE SWORD WITH GLOW-IN-THE-DARK STICKERS

SRP: $14.99

Executive Producer: Rob LaDuca

Producer: Mark Seidenberg

Director: Howy Parkins

Run Time: Approx. 145 minutes

Languages/Subtitles: English, French & Spanish

Packaging: 1-Disc DVD + Jake Sword with Glow-in the-Dark Stickers


“Jake and the NeverLand Pirates: Never Land Rescue”

“It’s a Pirate Picnic”/ “The Key to Skull Rock”

“The Golden Twilight Treasure”/“Rock The Croc!”

“Jake and Sneaky Le Beak”/ “Cubby the Brave”

“Jake’s Special Delivery”/ “Seahorse Saddle-Up!”

Bonus Features: 8 “Playing with Skully” Shorts (Sailing The Never Sea, Where’s Sandy?, Pulley Hook, North Bound, Diving In The Coral Reef, Ship Ahoy!, Pirate Puzzle, Coconuts On Pirate Island)

Now you’re probably wondering how Jake and the Never Land pirates helps me right. Well I can tell you right now. Jakes teaches me the value of teamwork. They do everything together and help each other out. They even help out the bad guys, Captain Hook and his band of merry pirates at times. I guess Jakes teaches compassion as well, who knew? I would be tempted to leave Captain Hook in some of his predicament but Jake never does. Way to go Jake! 

Now the DVD comes with a bonus sword and glow in the dark stickers which actually work. I wish I could have taken a picture to show you. This is such an added bonus. Your kids would enjoy sticking them everywhere. I sure did. 

If you’re a fan of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, you’re going to be a big fan of this all new adventure. For those fans of Tinkerbell, she also makes her very first appearance in this. I’ve always wondered why she was never around but we finally get to see her. We also get to see Peter Pan but I won’t spoil the show for you. 

Pick up your copy of Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Never Land Rescue wherever movies are sold. 

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