Now That You’re Stuck Indoors, It’s Time For A Little Sprucing Around The Home

Learn how you can spruce up your home while stuck indoors.

It’s no fun being stuck indoors. But circumstances being what they are, it makes sense to make the most of our collective predicament. It is unlikely that there will ever be a time like this again in the future – well, hopefully not, at least. And so, what better time to start thinking about how to improve the home?

Let’s be honest: our properties need a little tender loving care. In pre-crisis days, the list of odd jobs that needed doing around the home grew and grew. But when civilization was in full swing, there just wasn’t the time to fix them. Now, though, is your opportunity to make a difference around the home has arrived. And you should capitalize on it.

Here’s how to spruce up your home while stuck indoors.


The area where the ceiling meets the wall is famous for collecting cobwebs over time. It is not an area that you typically hit while vacuuming. Grab a feather duster and sweep it all away. It only takes a few seconds.


Indoor plants can survive for a long time without water. But even the hardiest of species will eventually need a little moisture to keep them going. When you’re busy, though, weeks can pass, and plants have to make do without a single drop to drink. Desert species are okay with this to a point, but even they will die when their reserves run out. Take this opportunity, then, to tend to your plants and help them look their best.

Sprucing Up Home While Stuck Indoors - Water Plants


Wood surfaces both inside and outside the house are prone to damage and decay because wood is a natural product. It is essential, therefore, to regularly apply varnishes and spray paints to protect it. You can order the materials you need through the internet, so there’s no need to go to the store.


If you own a greenhouse, now is the ideal time to clean it. Greenhouses have an annoying tendency to collect green molds and mildews on their surfaces. It is not a health concern (as it is in the house), but it makes your greenhouse less attractive and also prevents light from reaching plants inside.

Cleaning the glass is relatively simple: just use the same technique as for your windows.

Learn how you can spruce up your home while stuck indoors. Clean Your Greenhouse


Kitchen cabinets are handy, but over time they can start to look a little shabby. The good news, though, is that you don’t need to replace them outright. Instead, just swapping out the handles and cupboard doors for new ones can make all the difference in the world.


Pantries always start out looking great. But then they deteriorate slowly over time to the point where they start to look like a scrap heap.

Your best bet here is to start from scratch. Take everything out and then begin pouring ingredients into tubs and mason jars. Create different sections for tins, spices, nuts, grains, flours, and sweets.

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