How to Plan an Unforgettable Bachelorette Party for Your Best Friend

It has become a custom for young people worldwide to throw a party for their friends on the eve of their wedding. The party is meant as a celebration of the couple’s upcoming nuptials. Some people take it as a party that signifies the end of their days as a single man or woman, while others just want to celebrate their joy with their friends. 

When it comes to bachelorette parties, the bride-to-be’s friends take it as an opportunity to shower their friends with raunchy gifts and beautiful memories. This article will show you a few tips and tricks that will help you plan an amazing bachelorette party for your friend.

 Why Do People Throw a Bachelorette Party?

For a long time, people have had the wrong idea about what a bachelorette party was. Some interpreted it as a moment when they might indulge their sexual fantasies one final time before getting married. However, a much better idea has now been widely recognized; as a means to celebrate the bride-to-be the night before her wedding or a few days before the wedding, depending on her preference. Close friends of the bride-to-be celebrate with her, buy her gifts, and reminisce about the good times they’ve had together.

Guides to Planning an Outstanding Bachelorette Party

The bride-to-be’s friends sponsor their travel expenses, which include food and accommodation, except in cases where the bride wants to handle all expenses or split the bills with them. Whatever the case may be, ensure that all invitees are properly informed.

  • Find out who must be present at the party and send them an invite. This party is meant for close friends or family members of the bride-to-be. In some cases, it can be a merged bachelor and bachelorette party and a large audience will be invited. But the sole purpose remains to celebrate the couple-to-be. Make sure not to overcrowd your party.
  • Source for a good location. The environment should be conducive and suitable for all party activities. 
  •  Create a list of all the activities that would be happening during the party or vacation. The center of attraction is the bride-to-be and not the guests, so every activity should be channeled into making her happy. 
  • Choose a date that is suitable for the bride. You can choose about two to three different dates and narrow it down to one date as you get other factors checked.
  • Book your lodgings. A hotel can be used if it is a one-night party, but if it is a vacation kind of bachelorette party, then it would be best if you rent out a house.
  • Plan the meals everyone will eat throughout the vacation or during the party. You need to confirm from all invitees the kind of food they want and plan accordingly.
  • Lastly, you need to confirm if all the invited guests will make it to the party at least a few weeks before the occasion. You wouldn’t want to get everything ready only to find out that 50% of the people you invited won’t make it.  Reconfirm the invitation and wrap up all plans.

Why Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party Shouldn’t be Merged Together

You might think bringing the groomsmen and bridesmaids together would be a great idea to make the party lively. This might defeat the objective of a bachelorette or bachelor party, which is to spend time with close friends one last time.

In Conclusion

A prospective bride can benefit from having a bachelorette party, especially the night before her wedding, as it can help lessen stress. Despite the fact that there are great things going on, there have been documented incidents of people feeling regret after their respective parties. The couples can often get so inebriated that they behave in ways that they later come to really regret. Do yourself a favor and avoid doing anything that you will think about or feel bad about after the party is over.

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