Useful Hacks On How To Maintain Healthy Teeth

The majority of people across the world don’t pay much attention to their teeth. Over time, their teeth start to cause problems for them. There are a variety of daily life habits you can adopt to ensure your teeth remain in good shape. There are simple things you do every day that contribute to dental problems after some time. 

If you start fixing the small things, you’ll understand that they make quite a difference. People mainly focus on their physical and mental health while their dental health is ignored. In this article, we’ll look at useful hacks on how to maintain healthy teeth throughout your life.

Ensure you Drink the Optimum Amount of Water

Hygiene plays a key role in keeping your teeth in good condition. There are plenty of things we eat and drink every day that damage our teeth. Water, for instance, is amazing for your teeth. You’ve probably heard this before: “Make sure you drink enough water.” There’s a science behind it; water has a unique property. If you’ve had a good and spicy meal, it’s a good idea to rinse your mouth with warm water afterward. If the food was acidic or basic, water will balance the pH of your mouth. Moreover, there are plenty of nutrients present in water that help regulate your health. For instance, tap water has fluoride, which is excellent for your teeth as it fights off decay and cavities.

Be Careful with Sugary Foods 

If you do enough research, you’ll figure out that it’s the acidity in our foods that damages our teeth. What we eat every day of our lives has a huge impact on our teeth. Too much sugar content in our diet is already bad for our health as it causes obesity. However, there’s also another issue. Sugar is the main culprit for tooth decay. The bacteria that cause tooth decay have a thing for sugar. Being smart and cautious about your diet is a good way to maintain healthy teeth. Moreover, it’s the frequency of your sugary snacks that hurts more rather than the amount of sugar. The more often bacteria eat sugar, the more damaging it is for your teeth.

Scrub Your Tongue 

This may come as a shock, but that white build-up on your tongue is also a major cause of dental issues. It doesn’t just cause bad breath; the bacteria that reside there are quite dangerous. It sticks to the top of your tongue, and when the tongue touches your teeth, it damages them. It is suggested by Long Island dentist Kate Brayman DDS that this bacteria causes tooth decay and cavities. You must clean your tongue every day. It’s a good idea to buy a tongue scrubber and rid yourself of this bacteria every morning. By cleaning your tongue, you won’t just help your teeth but also eliminate bad breath. 

Drink Tea 

Aside from water, tea is also beneficial for healthy teeth. It doesn’t matter if it’s green tea or black tea, the majority of teas contain a compound called polyphenol that works wonders for teeth. This compound doesn’t just inhibit the growth of bacteria but also kills them. Once this bacteria is eliminated, it can’t release acids that cause tooth decay. However, ensure you don’t add sugar to the tea because it’ll just cancel out the effect of the tea.

Use a Straw and Chew Gum

This may sound weird, but straws are essential for taking care of your teeth. The more food touches your teeth, the more bacteria prey on them and damage your teeth. A good way to prevent that is to drink by using a straw. The food you eat is also food for bacteria. They feast on it and cause cavities, tooth decay, and damage to the enamel. Channeling that food directly to your throat by using a straw so there’s minimum contact with the teeth is a good preventative method. Moreover, chewing bubble gum will strengthen your enamel. However, make sure that the gum is sugar-free. Even though it’s not as effective as flossing or brushing your teeth, it still helps a lot. It reaches places where a brush can’t reach and cleans your mouth as well.

In Conclusion

Dental care is necessary for your daily life. Your teeth are an essential part of your body and require the utmost care. You can do that by shaping your old habits and adopting new ones. Focus on what you eat and when you eat it. The contents of your diet are very important. Brush your teeth regularly and drink tea. Moreover, ensure you’re drinking the right amount of water. Use a straw for liquids and chew sugar-free gum every now and then. 

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