Popular Evening Gowns Perfect to Wear On Special Events

So, you have a special event to get to but don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry, spending time picking clothes to wear to special occasions is a source of joy and anxiety for many women.

Popular Evening Gowns Perfect to Wear On Special Events

It is important to choose something to wear that will not only fit you well but will help you make a great first impression. One piece of clothing that will do that for you is an evening gown.

There are many famous fashion designers who make outstanding evening gowns. However, not everyone can afford to dress like a movie star for a special night.

There are many types of evening gowns available that are great choices to wear on special events such as:


The mermaid has always been associated with the ideal feminine figure. The mermaid gown will accentuate each and every one of your feminine curves and will definitely make you look sexier than other evening gowns.

The mermaid gown hugs your silhouette entirely from the chest down to the knee. The difference between a mermaid gown and other evening gowns is that it flares drastically after the knees.

The mermaid gown and its hugging features are an especially fantastic choice as evening wear for slender women regardless of their height. Unfortunately, you may appear too curvy if you are a full-figured woman.

A mermaid gown is a mainstay at most special events you will attend. The key to pulling off the mermaid gown is confidence.

You should act as if the figure it portrays is entirely yours, to begin with, and own it completely. You can also have your pick of shoes as they will probably be covered by the dress.


Another timeless example of an evening gown is an A-Line gown. You can wear the gown to any type of special event and you will be sure that it will leave an impression.

Its timeless nature stems from the fact that it covers most of the body and is considered to be appropriate by virtually any crowd. For example, you will not miss an A-Line gown among a collection of jovani evening dresses. You can check the catalog of any evening gown designer to be sure.

The A-Line gown’s main characteristic is that it has a bodice that fits tightly around the upper body and then flows out from the waist. Most A-Line gowns will run the full length to the floor but for those that want to showcase their legs, a shorter version is a possibility with certain modifications.

The design and structure of the A-Line gown is especially favorable to women with large busts. However, the dress skirt is less full than that of a ball gown hence it will not accentuate the lower body and can make a large lower body look diminished.

On the other hand, the A-Line gown can create the illusion of curviness in slender women.


The empire line gown is an evening gown with a high waistline that starts right beneath your bosom. The dress then flares out until it reaches the hem.

It is a dress design that emphasizes the bust and diminishes the bottom. It is an ideal choice for you if you have a pear-shaped body as many women do.

An empire line gown can be embellished in a wide variety of ways including embroidery and long sleeves. Most of them are meant to make you look busty by moving the focus to the neckline and bosom.

It is an illusion that many women try to create as opposed to padding their bras. Such features attract a lot of attention, particularly when trying to make a first impression during special events.

The design of the empire line gown also helps to cover up any unwanted features for example extremely thick thighs or short legs. With the gown, these areas will simply go unseen.

Popular Evening Gowns Perfect to Wear On Special Events


Though not considered by many as such, a cocktail dress is still a type of evening gown. In fact, it is one of the most popular types as you will see one worn every weekend.

However, an elegant cocktail dress can serve well as evening wear to a special event. It is particularly a great evening gown for an event where there will be dancing or a lot of movement.

A cocktail dress is shorter than the other types of evening gowns on this list. Therefore, it allows you much more leeway as far as movement is concerned.

When you wear a cocktail dress to such an event, you are probably going to have a lot of fun in it. The good news is that you probably have a cocktail dress in your closet even if you have not worn it in a long time.

Therefore, it is an ideal choice if you are invited to such an event on short notice. You don’t have to go dress shopping or borrow an evening gown.


A ball gown is a timeless piece of evening wear that has been in existence for centuries. It is an imperial type of clothing that will make you look and feel like a princess.

A ball gown is particularly perfect for those slender ladies who have a pear-shaped body. The skirt of the gown will accentuate their waist and take attention from other parts of the body. A ball gown is fitted at the top hence it looks better for ladies with thin upper bodies.

Ball gowns also have a fitted bodice that will make you appear like you have an hourglass figure. If you already have such a figure, it will definitely bring out your curves.

There are ball gowns of varying volumes with some being only a layer of fabric thin while others have multiple layers that create a particular illusion of thickness. Such gowns may make you look quite massive, but you can offset that by wearing high heels that make you look taller.

Popular Evening Gowns Perfect to Wear On Special Events

To conclude, dressing for a special event is a daunting challenge. An evening gown is an elegant article of clothing guaranteed to make you look dashing. It is especially so if the gown fits well and is accompanied by great accessories. As long as you feel comfortable in the evening gown, you should have a blast at the special event.

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