How to Include Your Pets During the Holidays ~ #UntamedPets #TractorSupply #4health

In a few short weeks we’ll be celebrating the holidays with our family and friends. We’ll be dining on fine food and exchanging gifts, however, throughout the hustle and bustle, we tend to put our furry family friend on the back burner. Today I want to share 3 easy ways you can include your pets during the holidays. Today’s post is in collaboration with UNTAMED™ by 4health®, however all opinions are mine alone.

You’re probably wondering, “What is UNTAMED™“? 

UNTAMED™ by 4health® premium pet food is a new line of grain free pet food specifically formulated to satisfy the primal hunger of cats and dogs. My pets (dogs and cats) have been eating it for the past couple of weeks and besides them loving it, which can be difficult, especially when it comes to my extremely picky cats, I feel great giving them this food as well. Those that know me, know that I take the health of my animals very seriously. I don’t switch their foods too often, which is why I don’t post about new foods every few weeks, and I only switch my pet’s food to high quality food like UNTAMED™. After all, it’s what they’re accustomed to and switching your pets’ food too often can lead to health issues, which means expensive vet bills.

UNTAMED™makes high quality foods for both dogs and cats. Their recipes for dogs include: Lamb (Limited Ingredient Diet), Trout (Limited Ingredient Diet), Buffalo & Lentil, and Wild Boar & Lentil. While for your cats you can find: Duck & Lentil and Salmon & Lentil.

Why do I love UNTAMED™?

Whenever I purchase ANY pet food, the first thing I look at is the first ingredient. I prefer the first ingredient in any of my pet’s food to be meat, and so is the first ingredient in their UNTAMED™ food. This is complemented by whole vegetables and there is never any corn, soy or wheat included. There’s ingredients that I trust, food that they love, with nutrients that they need, and at a price that is almost too good to be true.

Now that I’ve told you a bit about UNTAMED™, I want to share my 3 easy ways you can include your pets for the holidays.

1. Buy gifts for your pets

Let your furry family friend know how much they mean to you by buying a special gift for the holidays. Gifting isn’t just for your human family; your furry family would enjoy receiving a new toy or two as well. You can also purchase new sweaters, and even their own decorations for the tree.

2. Feed them high quality food like UNTAMED™

While you’re eating your own food, how about your own pet? Feeding them high quality food isn’t just good for them, but saves you money as well. UNTAMED™ formulas contain a high-quality balance of carbohydrates as well as a blend of omega fatty acids to support a healthy skin and coat and species-specific probiotics to aid in digestion. Select dog formulas, Lamb and Trout, are Limited Ingredient Diets containing a narrow selection of high-quality ingredients to provide complete nutrition for your dog. Limited Ingredient Diets are ideal for dogs with sensitivities – they minimize those issues while maximizing nutrition and energy

3. Include your pets in the family photos

While you’re thinking of having a holiday photo for the family, remember that your furry friend is a part of the family too. While you can have your pet take photos with Santa, including them in a family photo is a great way to involve them in the holiday celebration. You can do a simple in home photo in front of the family’s Christmas tree, or even get a session scheduled with a professional photographer.

So don’t forget your pets this holiday and give UNTAMED™ by 4health® a try!

You can find UNTAMED™ dog food and cat food exclusively at Tractor Supply Co. and, and if you spend $49 or more on pet food, treats, toys, flea and tick care, and other select pet supplies you will receive free standard UPS shipping! You can also read more about the benefits of novel proteins in Know How Central.

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