How to Easily Decorate Your Front Door For Spring

How to Decorate Your Front Door For Spring

Do you want to learn how to easily decorate your front door for spring? You can do it with this easy DIY 5-minute hanging door basket with dollar store flowers craft.

One of the things I do each season is to change out the wreath on my front door. It is actually one of the easiest things to do welcome in spring; decorate my front door. Last spring, I made a tulip umbrella wreath that was effortless to create, and this year isn’t any different.

Changing my wreaths each season symbolizes that a new season is beginning and something that I enjoy doing. It’s almost like a ceremonial occasion, and I’m always excited when it’s done. My neighbors and my delivery guys have come to expect it.

I was recently browsing through Amazon, as I’m now prone to do since the pandemic, and saw these charming 3-piece set baskets, and I immediately knew what I wanted to do with them. I also knew that they would be perfect for the front door. While I still own my tulip wreath, I wanted something a bit different this year. Tip: You can quite possibly find similar baskets at your local craft shop or a thrift store.

decorate for spring

Now to keep my cost down as these baskets were already close to $15, I decided to head to my favorite dollar store – the Dollar Tree. I knew that they always have a great selection of floral stems and wanted to check out their selection. I decided to pick up some floral stems there as they’re generally much cheaper than my other favorite craft stores, Hobby Lobby and Michaels (even after using coupons). I ended up getting a few bunches of each stem to add to my basket to make it pop with color. I plan to get a bit more to make it a bit fuller; after all, spring calls for lots and lots of vibrant colors.

It would be a disservice even to share directions on how to get this done because it’s a simple as adding your flowers to the basket and then hanging them on a wreath hook. For this, I used the second largest basket or the second smallest, or the one in the middle, however you’d like to clarify the size.

Super simple and all completed in under 5 minutes from start to finish!

I have to say that besides my tulip wreath, this is the easiest front door decor that I’ve ever personally made. The others tend to include a bit more directions, such as my spring pinecone flower wreath and my older spring flower wreath, which is unfortunately no more.

DIY Hanging Basket With Flowers

This hanging basket filled with flowers adds a fantastic spring feel and gives my front door that oomph that it needed after such a long and dreary winter. The one good thing about this is how universal it is, as all it will take is merely replacing the spring flowers with ones more fitting for each season or holiday, easter, fall, winter, etc. If you have a bit more patience and cash, you can even decorate your porch for spring.

So grab a basket, fill it with flowers and easily decorate your front door for spring this year.

Tip: You can use craft foam to stick your stems into to keep them more flush into your basket if you don’t have a full basket.

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