How to Choose the Right Babysitter

When it comes to choosing the right babysitter for your little pride and joy, it can become quite difficult. Every parent wants to have a babysitter that fits as closely to the parent’s personality and beliefs as possible, yet it isn’t easy to find a young babysitter that fits that mold. Today we will help guide you towards the selection process in how to choose the right babysitter.

The first thing to think about is an age range in which you would feel comfortable leaving your child with, if you are having someone watch an older child you may not want a teenager to babysit them. Things can go a bit crazy when you have a child watching a child of adolescence so you may be more comfortable hiring an elder to watch the older children. When it comes to choosing the right babysitter for a younger child, these tips should help rest your mind and make the process smoother:

Create Interview Questions
– think of everything that you would like to know about this potential babysitter. Write down a list of interview questions that you will ask and jot down answers to for every applicant.

Check all References
– be sure to require a few references on the potential babysitter, this is because one reference could be horrible while another is perfect. Take into consideration what each reference says about this applicant as well as their answers to your interview questions.

Determine the Proper Age Group
– depending upon how often and what time of day you require a babysitter for, the age may matter. If this is just an occasional weekend night out, then a teen may fit the bill. Think about the age group you would be comfortable hiring.

Don’t Discriminate
– when choosing the right babysitter for your pride and joy remember that you still have to uphold to discrimination laws. While age may be discriminatory, it’s relevant when it comes to babysitting due to age restrictions in some states.

Test the Sitter with Your Kids
– you should always interview the babysitter alone first and then setup a time for them to meet the kids. Stand aside and supervise this visit as a means to get a feel for how your child takes to this potential babysitter.

Always go with Your Gut
– never will your gut instinct fail you, it’s just a matter of actually listening to it. Feel out the babysitter’s strengths, weaknesses and personality; get a fee for who they are to their core and how your child responds.

Choosing the right babysitter for your family may take some failures before you are set on the right person. Keep an open mind, remember that the babysitter won’t handle every scenario exactly like you, but make sure they are respectful enough to follow any specific rules you are dead set on having them implement. Be certain to select a babysitter who can continue to watch the children long-term as it’s best to have the kids form a bond with their sitter. There’s no right or wrong way when it comes to choosing a babysitter for your children watching needs, it’s simply a matter of implementing these tips and working through any gut instincts you have regarding the potential candidate until you find someone who is a good fit overall.

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