Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Do you have a child or preschooler starting kindergarten this school year? Kindergarten is an exciting time for any kid. Not only do they get to ride the bus and eat in the cafeteria, they get to learn important skills that they’ll need for the rest of their school career. Because of this, it’s important to help your kindergartener build a strong foundation for this first year of school. Here are a few things you can do to help get your child ready for kindergarten.

Tips for Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Teach Them Letters

It’s amazing how much your child will learn this year in kindergarten. Many schools even have kindergarteners involved in reading groups towards the second half of the school year! You can help get your child ready for kindergarten reading by teaching them their letters beforehand. By being able to identify letters, your child will have an easier time memorizing the sounds of each letter, as well as learning how to blend those sounds into words.

Practice Sight Words

Reading isn’t just about sounding out words. There are some words that simply cannot be sounded out. Your kindergartener will receive a list of these words called sight words. Basically, they’re words that your child will need to be able to recognize with a glance. Help your child be ready for kindergarten by practicing the basic sight words. This includes such words as the, his, her, was, etc.

Count Snacks

Your kindergartener will need to learn important math skills, including counting objects. Even if your child already knows how to count to twenty, your child might not be able to correctly count a group of objects. Practice this important skill with your child to help get them ready for kindergarten. Make it fun by counting favorite snacks or cereals. In addition to learning, your child will get a tasty treat after.

Help Them with Routines

The school day will be filled with many routines. This will be hard for your child to remember at first since kindergarten is such a new experience. You can help get your child ready for kindergarten by following some of the same basic routines at home. Practice waking up on time and try eating lunch around the same time as your child will at school. You can even set up your kitchen and dining room like a cafeteria and practice school lunch procedures in the comfort of your own home!

Listen, Listen, Listen!

Your kindergartener will really need to practice those listening skills. Although teachers use a variety of teaching strategies to help kids understand new concepts, one of the main strategies includes verbal instruction. Your child’s teacher will explain important information with words, as well as communicate instructions and expectations. It’s important that you help your child develop strong listening skills for the school year.

Kindergarten is a big year for your child. You can help your kid succeed at school by preparing them for this important year.

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