7 Things You Should Consider in Finding the Right Gift

Gift-giving is a time-honored tradition that has been around for centuries. In modern times, gift-giving is becoming more and more personalized to the individual you are giving the gift to instead of being about what’s in vogue or popular at any given time. The following 7 things should be considered when finding a gift for a friend, family member, co-worker, or significant other:.

finding the right gift

1. Expense

The amount of money you spend on a gift should depend on your relationship with the person, how well you know them, and how important the event is. Gifts don’t need to break bank accounts to be extravagant, as the most simple things can be very thoughtful. Money shouldn’t be your primary concern; however, a poor-quality and cheap gift will leave a bad impression on the other person and may even offend them. Think about getting gifts that are of great quality but still at a reasonable price, and for ideas for such gifts, take a look at Quokkadot where you can find much inspiration when it comes to gifts. Also, some gifts, such as subscriptions and memberships, can be expensive to begin with, but they never expire or lose value.

2. Personality

Before you can think about what kind of gift to get someone, you need to know the basics about the individual, like what their interests and hobbies are. For example, if they love gardening and cooking, then a nice set of flowerpots or cookware may be an appropriate gift for them. Knowing what kind of things they enjoy doing helps a lot when considering a gift.

3. Taste

Taste is a very personal thing, so it should be seriously considered when you are buying a gift for someone else. The best way to get an idea of what they like is by looking at other gifts they have received in the past and what they currently own. This may not be foolproof, though, since people can change their tastes over time or re-gift things that didn’t work out for them, but it’s still worth taking into consideration.

4. Recipient’s Interests

The interests of the recipient should play a big role in what kind of gifts you should consider buying for them. If they love something, then buy them that thing! It’s that simple. However, if you don’t know too much about their interests or are having trouble narrowing down their interests to one or two things, then it may be better to choose an experience over an object for this particular occasion, like taking them out to dinner or getting tickets to see their favorite band live.

5. Size

We’re not talking about physical size here, but the number of people you are buying a gift for! It may be more practical to get a standard gift that everyone likes instead of trying to figure out what each person’s individual taste is. If many people will be receiving a gift from you, choose something generic and safe so you don’t have to stress over finding something specific for each person.

6. Event Significance

Not all gifts need to be given at special times or events, but some circumstances call for a certain kind of gift. For example, if someone gives birth, then it would definitely make sense to buy baby items as opposed to giving them some office supplies they need since those things could come later. If you’re not sure what kind of gift to buy for whatever reason, then just ask the person or avoid giving them anything at all.

Or, for someone’s wedding, you could get them a blender or any other home appliance, maybe some bedding or a piece of furniture. It’s those big and significant events that people should spend the most money on and consider a great gift. 

7. Timing

The timing of when a gift is given can really make it special and even make up for some lackluster gifts. When someone gives a gift late, it may feel like they didn’t put much effort into finding something nice to give you, but if they give their present early, then they may be trying to accommodate your schedule by making sure that you get it before the event, date, etc. Make sense?

finding the right gift

So before rushing out and buying something nice for someone else on any occasion, keep these 7 things in mind and try to choose something that will leave a good impression on them! Your gifts should come from the heart, but it’s good to be smart about it too. Make sure you’re giving them something special that they’ll love and appreciate by keeping these tips in mind!

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