10 Fun Beach Activities to Do With Your Family

Spending time with family is a great way to relax and relieve stress. Family outings provide an amazing opportunity to bond and create fond memories. Going to the beach with family is a fun way to spend time together during the summer. It allows you to experience nature and breathe some fresh air. 

This can be relaxing for not just the body but the mind too. Beach outings also provide free access to fun games and activities, with immense health benefits. These fun beach activities can help build stamina and keep you fit. 

Get Ready With Your Sunblock Clothing and Sunscreens

While you’re out on the beach, you must make sure that your skin is adequately protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Prolonged exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can cause premature aging and lead to wrinkles on the skin. And in severe cases, it can result in the development of skin cancer. 

Make sure that every member of your family is protected while you have fun on the beach. Wearing UV protected swim pants can offer you protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and avoid sunburns and excessive tanning. With the right choice of clothes and accessories, make sure that you have all the fun in the world with no worries. 

With great planning, a beach outing can provide a rare opportunity for family members to connect on a deep level, away from the usual stress of everyday life. 

Fun Beach Activities

Here are some of the best ways to have fun on your next family trip to the beach.

  1. Frisbee

A game of frisbee on the beach is easy to put together. Just carry one along with you in your beach bag, and you’re set to have an exciting time at the seashore. The best kind of frisbee is those that are lightweight and buoyant. They are easier to find should they get tossed into the water. Once you’re out on the beach, you can divide yourselves into teams and have some fun. 

  1. Seashell Hunt 

You can find seashells in abundance on most beaches. So engage in a fun hunt for seashells. This can be particularly exciting for kids. The goal will be to see who can find the most seashells at the end of the allotted time. A little reward can be set aside for the winner to make it more interesting. 

When you are out on the beach, remember to have UPF swimwear and swim pants for your children. Any sunscreen you may apply for them could be washed off easily in the water. And even water-resistant sunscreens need re-application every few hours. Hence, UPF clothing can be a good choice to protect yourself and your kids from sunburns while at the beach.

  1. Rounders/Cricket

A game of rounders or cricket is great, especially for large families with older kids. The game involves a lot of running around, so it’s best played when the weather isn’t too hot. You can play this by wearing high-waisted swim shorts so that you’re comfortable while running around. Cricket is also best played when the beach is not too crowded so that you do not inconvenience other people.

  1. Picnic

A picnic is a fun way to spend time together in any setting. It is even more fun on the beach, with the beautiful scenery and the sea breeze. So grab some snacks and some picnic mats, and set up under a shade. Remember to carry umbrellas and SPF hats even if the weather isn’t too hot. Even during cloudy days, your skin still needs protection from UV rays. 

The close-knit setting of the picnic can provide an opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings. It is an excellent way to bond as a family and still have plenty of fun. 

  1. Volleyball

Beach volleyball is another fun activity that everyone can enjoy on a sunny day. Women’s sun-protective swimwear can offer adequate protection so you don’t get burned as you play. It is usually very enjoyable if you have a large group. You can even play a round of beach volleyball with adults versus kids. It can be a great way to increase bonding among your kids. 

  1. Tug of War

This is another fun activity that kids especially love. And the beach provides you with a large and comfortable space. The sand provides a good grip for your feet. And also a good landing if you fall. Tug of War would require at least 4 people for it to be competitive and exciting. 

  1. Soccer 

Soccer is another exciting beach activity that the whole family can partake in. All you need is just the ball. Buckets, sand mounds, or towels can be used to mark out goals. Simply split your group into teams, with a minimum of four players per team, and start enjoying your game of soccer. 

  1. Photo Session

A day out on the beach with family can provide an amazing opportunity to take some pictures. You can take advantage of the beautiful beach scenery and have a family photoshoot. Older members of the family can take turns with the camera while the others pose for the pictures. 

You can also use a timer that will allow everyone to be captured at once. 

  1. Draw What You See 

Drawing what you see can be very exciting for both kids and adults. All you need for this is some paper, pencils, and your imagination. Everyone will be required to draw what they can see on the beach. 

While the act of drawing is in itself exciting, it is even more fun when you’re all done and get to see what others have drawn. It is a great activity for building the imagination and creativity of kids.

  1. Building Sandcastles

This is another fun activity that your kids will particularly enjoy. Building sand castles on the beach is a classic activity to keep young kids excited. You can draw inspiration from fairytale and pirate themes. And then guide your kids to do sandy architectural wonders. 

Make sure you and your kids have sun protective clothing on and the right type of UPF swimwear to avoid getting sunburns due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

In Conclusion

A day at the beach can do wonders for your family’s bonding and also relax your mind and body. You can help your young kids build their creativity and muscles with fun, engaging activities. Older kids and adults will benefit immensely from the beautiful scenery and the chance to blow off steam. 

However, while you have fun, you must also make sure that everyone is adequately protected from the harsh rays of the sun. In addition to women’s UV swimwear, you should have your sunscreen and sunblock available. 

Hats and sunglasses will help your eyes and face from the sun. You must also make sure to bring a lot of water and ensure that everyone stays hydrated.


Q: How effective is UV clothing when compared to sunscreens? 

A: UV protection clothing can be much more effective than sunscreens. A piece of clothing made from UPF 50+ fabric blocks out 98% of the sun’s harmful rays from reaching your skin.

Q: Will I need to use sunscreen with UPF 50+ sun protection clothing? 

A: You will need to use your sunscreen only for areas that are not covered by sun protection clothing. For example, your face, the back of your hands, your ears, and your neck. UPF 50+ fabric and sunscreens can together ensure that every part of your body is protected. 

Q: What clothing variations does women’s UV protection clothing offer? 

A: You can find everything, from everyday clothing to swimwear, including travel clothes, hats, and hoodies.

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