File Backup Solutions From The Experts That You Should Learn

Everyone needs a backup plan for their files. We live in a modern age with all the latest technology, but anything can happen. And as much as you want to keep your data safe, it’s actually not enough just to have an external hard drive or a flash drive sitting around. You need a backup solution that will store your files offsite and give you peace of mind that no matter what happens, your precious memories and financial documents are safe. 

The good news is there are plenty of solutions available for those looking for file backup services. This article will go into detail about some backup solutions that you should learn. 

File Backup Solutions

1) Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage services are getting very popular nowadays since they offer so many benefits for their users. You can store files, photos, videos, and basically any file type that you want to send up to the Internet where it will be stored in a virtual “cloud.” When you want access to these files again you are able to log into your account on any device and start transferring them back down to view or print. If you’ve ever wondered how to backup an iPhone to a computer, then a cloud storage service can be a solution for you. You can stack photos from your phone and have access to them on your desktop when you want. 

These services also give you the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure since they are in their own servers offsite. You can even set up automated backups so every time you update a file it uploads to keep all of your information in one location.

Cloud storage services have a variety of pricing structures that they offer, many being pretty affordable for any type of budget. You can get basic plans that only give you a certain amount of space for free and then upgrade with more space as needed. 

2) Online Syncing

Many people have multiple devices these days with a computer, laptop, and smartphone. All of those gadgets can contain a lot of precious memories and information that you don’t want to lose in case one of those computers is lost or broken. 

With online syncing services, the backup process is automated so all you have to do is make sure you have a connection to the Internet and your files will keep adding up in the background. 

As mentioned, you can use this service with cloud storage services to have a double backup system in place.

3)  Network Attached Storage

Network-attached storage, or NAS for short, is a great way to create your own personal cloud and can be used as a backup solution. This type of hardware device is used by businesses and power users so every computer on the network can access stored data at any time. 

Basically, it’s an external hard drive that creates a virtual computer on a network. You can use it as a backup solution by transferring files over to the drive, and then every time your computer goes online it syncs with that device for another layer of security. It’s best used in conjunction with another service since this is an option that only keeps the data stored on its own computer. 

4)  Backup Software 

There is a good chance that you already have some sort of backup software on your computer but you never use it. Most Windows and Mac computers come with built-in options to back up our files which can be helpful if you don’t want to fork out any extra money for a separate service. 

You always need to make sure that you are backing up your files regularly since it’s not the same as having offsite storage. That way if something does happen, you can quickly restore your files and act like nothing ever happened.

5) USB

It might be kind of old school, but USB flash drives can still come in handy as a quick and easy backup solution. The problem with these devices is you only have so much space to work with and it’s not long before you’ve filled up the drive. It might be a good idea to have a drive connected at all times in case you need to transfer data from one computer to another, but still want an offsite backup in place for your important files. 

File Backup Solutions

The best way to back up your files is with a combination of services. One option for offsite storage is the cloud-based solutions mentioned above, which give you access to all of your data from any device or location. You can also use software that will automatically sync and back up your important documents on both computers, as well as USB devices if you’re looking for something more traditional.  

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