Help Feed Hungry Kids in Need With Cuddle+Kind

You may have noticed a trend with me. Whenever it comes to charitable organizations/companies, I’m all on board. There is no better feeling in the world than helping someone else in need, someone less fortunate than you are. I would tell my children, “put yourselves in their shoes, wouldn’t you want someone to help you”. Today I want to bring to your awareness a company that I fell in love with. When they contacted me and I read about their mission, there was no way I was going to say no. This company is Cuddle+Kind, and they make hand-knit dolls that help feed children. Yes, you read that right! For every Cuddle+Kind doll you buy, they donate 10 meals to children in need, right here in North America and around the world, through their giving partners.

I believe that no child should ever go hungry and if you think that hungry children only exist in third world countries, think again. There are hungry children right here in the USA and some may even be living in your very own neighborhood. When a child is properly fed. they are in a better position to grow, learn and be motivated to reach their full potential. Can you imagine your own child going hungry? I know that I couldn’t and while I may not understand why it’s such a problem here in the US, the fact remains that it does happen. However we can do something about it and Cuddle+Kind has come up with a great solution. Call it a win-win solution! You get an amazing doll that you can cuddle, and you’re being kind by giving a hungry child a meal.

Remember that for each Cuddle+Kind doll that you purchase, 10 meals are donated to children here in North American and around the world. Each doll is hand-knitted and made in Peru by talented artisans from locally grown cotton and provides women with sustainable fair-trade income. So not only are we helping hungry children, but we are also helping to provide jobs to women who can then in turn use that money to feed and clothe their own children. Since September 2015, over 189,000 meals were donated to children in need and Cuddle+Kind is hoping to make that 1 million, but they need your help!

Think about this? We spend hundreds of dollars each year on toys for our children. Most of those toys end up in a pile or sometimes thrown away, never to be played with again. What about giving your child a gift that gives back? Madison received Chloe the bunny and we were really impressed by her. She was beautifully made from premium 100% cotton yarn and was a bundle of softness. She comes stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill for those who suffer with allergies and she is safe and non-toxic. She is also US and Canada safety standard certified.

All Cuddle+Kind dolls are currently available in two sizes. A regular size of 20″ in height and a smaller size of 13″ and each comes with their signature 10 meal wristband. There are also 10″x10″ quote prints available, printed on high quality matte cardstock for each doll, and a purchase of a print will give 5 meals.

Cuddle+Kind is truly one of a kind and each doll would make great friends and is perfect for cuddling. Madison can be seen toting around Chloe wherever she goes, and you can bet that you may see Chloe on future adventures. So think birthday, Christmas and even just because gifts. These dolls will make great gifts for baby showers as well, and while you’ll be giving a little one a gift to treasure for years to come, you’ll also be feeding hungry children around the world. Let’s join together in supporting Cuddle+Kind in reaching their goal of giving 1 million meals. They ship worldwide so your only problem will be choosing which one you love the best. What are you waiting for?

Here are the ways to connect with Cuddle+Kind:

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Let’s discuss: Would helping the needy persuade you more into buying a toy like this for your child or someone else? 

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