There’s Still So Much More to Migraine

I created this post as part of a campaign by Teva Pharmaceuticals. I received an American Express gift card for participating.

If you’re a regular reader, you may remember my original post, There’s So Much More to Migraine. Migraines are not your typical headache but think of your everyday headache multiplied by one hundred. Migraines not only affects your way of life but those of your family and friends as well. There have been times where I’ve had to postpone or cancel an event completely because I was unable to do so, all because of a migraine. I have had to shut out my kids and I know that sometimes they don’t understand. Try telling a toddler that mommy can’t play or talk to you because her head hurts so much, and all she wants is peace and quiet. It can be tough!

My migraines aren’t just aggravated by loud sounds, but I also deal with light sensitivity and nausea. I have even had to pull over to the side of the road because I couldn’t make the drive because I had a sudden onset. My migraines can put me out of commission for not only hours but sometimes days as well. As a former medic in the US Army, it was a challenge, because not only did my family depend on me, but so did my soldiers. If you’re one of many million migraine sufferers, know that there is hope and help for you, and that you’re not alone. While I know what some of my triggers are in relation to my migraine, I wish I knew what they all were. For example I know that if I only have 2-3 hours of sleep, the likelihood of me having a migraine is about 80%, just like I know when I’m dehydrated or stressed out about something there is also a much greater chance of me having a migraine as well. Knowing what my triggers are helps me to manage the frequency of my migraines. I also have an amazing doctor who manages my care.

If you’re a migraine sufferer, here are just a few tips that you can use to better manage your migraine:

Tips for Migraine Sufferers:

1. Keep a migraine diary so that you can record your daily activities and help to identify patterns in what happens before your migraine begins.

2. Make a note of what potentially triggers your migraine. Avoiding your “triggers” may lessen the frequency and/or severity of your migraine.

3. In addition to your doctor-prescribed treatment create a migraine “kit” to prepare for a sudden attack. For example, sunglasses can help with light sensitivity, and a plastic bag or basin may be necessary if any nausea or vomiting occurs.

Jennifer Morrison is a paid spokesperson working with Teva Pharmaceuticals to raise awareness of the More To Migraine campaign

In order to raise awareness of the More To Migraine campaign, Teva Pharmaceuticals is working with actress, film producer and migraine sufferer Jennifer Morrison. You may know her as Emma Swan on ABC’s adventure fantasy series Once Upon a Time, or as Dr. Allison Cameron in FOX’s House. In 2016, she’ll appear on More To Migraine channels including and the More To Migraine Facebook page.

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