Fashion Friday with Matilda Jane Clothing

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It’s my intention to make every Friday our Fashion Friday. I know a thing or two about fashion if I do say so myself and while we do have a few favorites, I like to incorporate a few other pieces into my wardrobe. If you’re thinking about something fresh and unique then look no further than Matilda Jane Clothing Company. Today is all about Matilda Jane and what they have to offer. The great thing about Matilda Jane is that they’re not just for little ones like me but they are also for adults as well. Yes there is a mommy line that complements the little kids clothing line so you can have that mommy and me look! Twice a year Matilda Jane brings out a new line and I’m here to showcase their Paint by Numbers collection.

Source: Matilda Jane Clothing

Before I start my fashion show I want to tell you a bit about Matilda Jane.

Matilda Jane Clothing’s designer and founder, Denise DeMarchis, started the girls’ clothing company in 2005. A mother of two boys (good ones, if ever there were) and a successful decorative artist, Denise brought her unique, soulful approach to creativity and relationships to her new venture—an “unpredictable clothing company.”

Matilda Jane Clothing’s designs are youthful. Playful. And expressive. Their whimsical approach to texture, pattern and color results in designs that capture the spirit and imagination of childhood. Remember when your grandpa let you pick your own flavor of ice cream for the first time? That’s what being a Matilda Jane girl is all about. Lucky for you, gals of all ages and sizes can join the fun! Matilda Jane Clothing is available in girls, tweens and adults. Flavors for all! 

I was sent the Turtle Dove Knit Top, Gallery Leggings and the Stippling Tee. The first thing that I noticed was the attention to detail of the packaging. Each came wrapped individually in their own garment bag. No plastic with Matilda Jane at all. It’s very rare that our clothing comes in garment bags so I was truly delighted. 

Now I just have to show you what came in these delightful garment bags. If you like looking different from the other kids in your daycare or even in your local playgroup, then Matilda Jane is surely the way to go! With their bright and fun colors, attention to detail and the cute modern designs you will be talk of the group. I’m a bit too young to know about the days of the Hippies but their clothing looks like it was made to be fun, fun, FUN! The days when it was all about the peace sign and funk! 

First up is the Turtle Dove Knit Top!

Now one thing I have to mention about the clothing collection is that the entire line can be mixed and matched together. Everything complements each other so you won’t have to worry about having to find something to wear with a certain piece. This top though can be worn separately or together layered over a top. The skirt has a bird print design and is perfect for the spring. I just had to take a close up shot of the rose detailing that goes around the skirt. How pretty is that? Now you may notice that the straps does not have buttons, it’s made that way so you can tie it to whatever length you want. There is also a ties that you tie in the back. This was a hit with me! 

Next is the Matilda Jane Gallery Leggings.

I just love the flared look of these. Kinda remind a few of you of the 60’s doesn’t it. With a fun floral design do you notice how much that this matches the Turtle Dove Knit Top above? I was serious when I said that they do go hand in hand. It is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex giving it that little stretch. Perfect for those who are still in diapers. The cute little button design just give it that added girly touch as if it really needed it. Fun design with comfort, two of my favorite must have in clothing all came together in this!

Last but certainly not the least is the Strippling Tee.

The Strippling Tee is purple with cute little orange dots. Did you also notice that design on the Gallery Leggings? I bet you did! Reminiscent of the Paint By Numbers line the dots are supposed remind you of little paint dots on a canvas. This is also made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex giving it a bit of stretch as well. No one likes stiff clothing so they truly thought about us little ones who are always running around and on the go. Clothing that totally moves with us.

I am truly loving this collection and you know they are definitely getting my TWO TINY THUMBS UP! Now for that mini fashion show that I promised you. Check out how much they all complement each other!

Matilda Jane is such an amazing company and it’s not just because their clothing is just absolutely fabulous. Well that is true but they also give back and not just to the local communities. No they work along with organizations such as the Mighty Acorn Foundation with finding sponsors for children and helping to build an orphanage in Kitale, Kenya. They also help build homes locally through Habitat for Humanity. Amazing aren’t they?

Here are the ways to connect with this absolutely wonderful company:

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