Elf Magic: Bring Home the Tradition

This is going to be officially my second Christmas, but the only one that I may actually remember. Last year, while I had a tree and lots of gifts under the tree, there was nothing really remarkable about my Christmas. However, mommy likes to do what she calls it, “Christmas Traditions“.

This year, mommy decided that it was going to be different. This year, mommy decided that Mikael and I were going to write letters to Santa, and he would send one of his elves to stay with us. Now I didn’t believe Mommy, and neither did Mikael. After all, the elves are needed to help make toys for our tree, right? Well, we did write our letters, and guess what? A few days later, our elves showed up. I don’t know how it happened, but it had to be Elf Magic. Well, that’s what mommy said.

Santa sent me my very own elf girl named Kristen while Mikael got an elf boy named Garrett. This is going to be fun! My Kristen came with a letter from Santa telling me how to take care of her and she even came with Magic North Pole Snowflakes.

The magic snowflakes are needed to sprinkle on her at night so that she can come alive at night while I’m asleep. The great thing about Kristen is that I can actually play with her during the day.

I think Kristen must be into fashion like me. I’ve caught her getting stuck in my dresser one morning when I got up and another time she was in my closet. She must have been trying on my shoes. They’re all too big for her so she must be checking to see if I needed new ones.

Mikael’s Garrett has been up to pretty much the same thing as well. We caught Garrett trying to use the computer. I think he might have been trying to send an email to Santa about Mikael’s behavior. He was even hiding out one day among their video games and once I caught him trying to sneak up stairs. He was hanging on the bannister.

I am having so much fun with my Kristen. If only she would come to life during the day but that would take some of the magic away mommy said.

Now, mommy also said that you can bring the Elf Magic to your home as well. Santa has lots of different elves, both boys and girls, in all different shades. You just write to Santa and tell him what you want, and he can send them to you. I know it works because I have Kristen with me. You can also read about all the adventures the other elves are having. Kristen and Garrett will be traveling to Canada with us, and I can’t wait to share their adventures with you as well.

Here are the ways you can connect with Santa and his elves:

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Santa sent his elf to stay with us. All opinions are my own.
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