The 6 Dresses Everyone Needs

Even if you aren’t a dress lover, there are some dresses that everyone should have. If you wear dresses often, you might have a gap in what you own – and if you never wear dresses, you never know when you might need one. 

Dresses Everyone Needs

There is nothing like finding the right dress for you. It’s not a case of what your body type is; it is about what makes you feel good. Dresses can be an ultra low-maintenance way to get dressed for the day – and are easy to dress up or dress down. 

They are versatile and can go from morning to evening without much fuss. 

So which dresses should have a place in your wardrobe, and why?

Dresses Everyone Needs


The shirt dress is almost on par with the maxi dress in terms of style and ease of wear. They are perfect for a weekend of shopping, a hot summer day, or dressing up in the evening. 

They are usually made with a lighter fabric, such as button-down cotton, so they can keep you cool when the sun starts getting a little warm. 

A shirt dress can be paired with biker boots, trainers, or heels, and each will give a different twist on the same dress. 

Depending on the shirt dress style you choose, they can also be a great option for traveling. 


Although many people still associate the pinafore with a school uniform, they are great for switching up quickly. For example, if you have a casual day and only a few minutes to change before heading out for an evening – you can switch the shirt under the pinafore for a shirt and swap your shoes—ultra-fast and low effort. 

A sleeveless shift dress is also the perfect option for buying dresses that allow you to layer and experiment with different styles. 

This type of dress can typically be used for about three seasons in the year. The material can either be too thin for the winter or too thick for the summer – depending on what you buy. 

But since you can swap roll neck jumpers and wool tights for T-shirts and trainers, these are a great investment. 

Cocktail dress

A good cocktail dress will never let you down, but you might have to search for a while to find one that you will stick with. Cocktail dresses are designed to be worn in the early evening or late afternoon. While slightly more relaxed than a black-tie dress, they are more dressy than a regular summer dress. 

Usually, a cocktail dress finishes just above the knee and is paired with heels. 

A cocktail dress is usually in a fun print or a bright color and will make you feel incredible. 

Maxi dresses

Some people who don’t have the height might say that a maxi dress will drown them and make them look shorter – but the truth is, with a little bit of tailoring, you can have a beautiful dress that is relaxed and easy to wear. 

A maxi dress is ideal for last-minute plans and long days of shopping. The great thing about maxi dresses is they don’t have to be strappy floral, floaty numbers. Ribbed maxi dresses can be a laid-back casual look and as figure-hugging as you like. 

Keep in mind that some ribbed maxis are made with more curvy hips in mind and are incredibly flattering. 

You can opt for a heavier material with sleeves for a dressed-up look. Due to the length and the style, there isn’t a season where you can’t wear a maxi dress. 


A floral dress doesn’t mean you need to have a 60s floral sofa print on your body – you can choose a dress that is a little more subtle and simply has the floral print stitched in. 

One of the greatest things about floral dresses is that they are super versatile, and you can quickly go from an edgier look like a leather jacket and boots to casual with converse and a cardigan. 

Or glam it up completely with some heels and a clutch. 

Depending on the style of the floral dress, you might be able to double this one up as a cocktail dress and have something that can work for multiple occasions. 

Dresses Everyone Needs

A casual dress

Technically any dress can be a casual dress – if it works for you, then it just works. But there is something so easy about a lightweight cotton dress that fits in all the right places. 

A great casual dress can be your go-to if you need something quick to grab to run errands or grab a last-minute latte with your friends at the local coffee bars. 

But it’s not just that – we all have that hero item in our wardrobes that never lets us down no matter how bloated or uncomfortable we are feeling. A great casual dress can be your go-to hero item that just goes with anything and looks good anywhere. 

A t-shirt dress in a neutral color is usually a great option, either in a jersey or cotton fabric. 

What is the most flattering dress style? 

One dress is deemed to be the most flattering dress style of all of the dresses possible. And, to that end, it is one of the most popular dresses on the market. Not everyone loves them, but the wrap dress was designed to be perfect for everyone’s figure. 

The wrap dress usually has a carefully tied-in waist, so even if you don’t have a waist, the wrap dress can help give you some definition. Many women hope to cover their tummy and upper arms, and the wrap dress offers both possibilities. 

The wrap dress might just be the perfect cut if you finish just above the knee for casual options. Find a material that has a little bit of weight to it to take full advantage of the skimming fabric. 

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