Dollar Store DIY: Joy Holiday Wreath

The Holidays are fast approaching and you may have even started with your decorations. You’ve found the perfect tree and you have your personalized ornaments all ready, complete with a star. The stockings are placed above the fireplace and you’re all ready to go indoors. What about your front door?

Are you looking to perk up your front door for the holidays? If so, then I have perfect thing for you. How about giving our Joy Holiday Wreath craft a try. Using nothing but supplies from your local dollar store, you can craft a Joy Holiday Wreath just like the one you see here. No matter what kind of budget you are on, what kind of time you have, or what your crafting skills are, this is a holiday craft that anyone can enjoy. Take a peek below at how you can get started crafting your own!

Supplies needed for this craft:

Joy glittered ornament

Assorted small bulb ornaments

Tinsel wreath form

Hot glue, glue gun

As mentioned, we found all of these items at our local Dollar Tree store. Our total cost for this wreath was around $3. Now that is some frugal and festive fun!


  1. Begin by snipping the hanging string from the joy ornament. You won’t need it so discard it.
  1. Add some glue to the back of the Joy ornament. Press it to the bottom of the tinsel wreath form. Hold in place until dry and secure.
  1. Now add the ornament bulbs. Use a variety of colors. Just add a dab of hot glue to the back of the bulb and press it to the wreath. We placed a few on each side of the Joy ornament. Keep the ornaments close together. You can even add drops of glue between them to hold them secure.

You can choose now to leave the wreath like this or add more ornaments, bulbs, glitter, etc. We found this simple style to be perfect for our space so left it as is. You can add ribbon for hanging, although the tinsel wreath forms already have a thread for hanging on them. The choice is up to you.

So gather your supplies and give this Joy holiday wreath a try! You are going to love it and all without spending a lot of money.

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