DIY Disney Snow Globes – Easy Crafts for Kids


Two weeks ago, we were privileged enough to visit Disneyland Paris, and oh, what an experience it was. While it still doesn’t compare to Disney World, and I’m not so sure that any of the other Disney parks can, it’s a reality all its own and not to be missed if you’re in France. We decided to navigate our way from London via the Eurostar, touted as one of the fastest trains in the world, and the 3-hour trip was unremarkable until we got to our hotel, the Vienna House Dream Castle Paris. Madison wasn’t feeling well, so our first day was spent unwinding in our hotel room, watching Cartoon Network in French.

While I plan on sharing more of our Disneyland Paris trip in an upcoming post, today is all about our Do-It-Yourself Disney Snow Globes. I am an enormous fan of snow globes and I tend to collect them from every country that I visit, and sometimes states, if I can find them. Disneyland Paris was no exception. Snow Globes, however, ranged from €35 and up, but it didn’t prohibit my obsession. I still had to acquire one to commemorate my trip. Nonetheless, if you’re a Disney enthusiast like I am, you may want to make your very own snow globes that you can showcase.

DIY Disney Snow Globes

DIY Disney Snow Globes

Supplies needed:

Mason Jars

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Glue (Glue Gun or Super Glue) we used E6000

Disney Figurines (purchased at the dollar store)

Glitter color of your choice

Baby Oil



1. Attach your figurine to the cover of your mason jar with your glue. I also happened to have some mini Eiffel Tower figurines that I attached to the cover as well.

2. Line the bottom of the jar with the glitter of your choice. I love the silver since it looks more like snow, but you can use any color that you like. Madison decided that she was going to do her Mickey and Minnie snow globe with both green and silver glitter.

3. Fill your mason jar with water leaving, about an inch from the top so that you can shake it around.

4. Add a drop of baby oil to the water so that it makes the glitter float around slower compared to just using water. (Madison went a little glitter wild, so I had to end up pouring a little of her glitter out.)

5. Attach your cover to the mason jar, shake and let the snow fall around your figurines.

Now of course this doesn’t quite come close to the originals being sold at Disneyland Paris, and it never will, but I do feel better knowing that Madison can play with this as much as she wants, and if she drops and breaks it, it can be easily replaced unlike my original that I purchased in Paris. This is a win-win for both of us.  This didn’t cost an arm and a leg to make and it was a fun project to do with her as well.

Doing projects together gives us that quality mommy and me time that she loves and it makes our bond a lot stronger, well until daddy walks in the door.

Spring was in the air at Disneyland Paris, and we all had a fabulous time. Although Madison was not at 100%, feeling ill the day before, she insisted on going. She had fun on the rides, and her favorite was actually going around in the teacups. She couldn’t get enough of it. She also got to meet some of the characters she knew and loved and had her photo taken. Seeing that it was St. Patricks Day, we got to witness not only the Spring Parade but the St. Patricks Day Parade as well. It truly was an amazing visit, and we hope to visit again one day soon.

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