December 2013 Bluum 23 Month Old Box #Review

It’s Bluum box time again  and this month we got our box much earlier than usual. We’ve never gotten our box this quickly before. I’m assuming that Bluum wanted us to get it before Christmas which was nice of them. If you are interested in what we got last month, you can read all about what we got in our November 22 Month old box. Now if you’ve never heard of Bluum before, it is a monthly subscription service for babies ages newborn to 3 years of age and costs $24.95 a month. Not bad for a monthly surprise every month. 

Bluum has been sending out their cards digitally but this month we didn’t get a card. We also had no inkling of what was going to be inside our box either.  Last month was all about potty time which we are currently working on and I have to say that we are making a lot of progress. Now lets get on to what this month’s box is all about. 

 There was no digital card this month. If there was then Bluum forgot to send it. There was no card on the inside of my box either so I have no idea if this is theme related or not. If something does show up I’ll be sure to update. 

The First 100 Words – $5.39

Your little one will soon learn some essential first words and pictures with this bright board book. There are 100 color photographs to look at and talk about, and 100 simple first words to read and learn, too. The pages are made from tough board for hours of fun reading, and the cover is softly padded for little hands to hold.

I love books and this board book was no exception. I am currently learning to speak and my vocabulary is increasing daily. This will surely help me and I’m so happy that it was included. 

Noisy Barn – $8.95

• Features photographs of familiar farm animals on fun illustrated backgrounds.

• Push-button sound bar features four realisitc animal noises: cow, horse, pig, and rooster.

• Multi-sensory title encourages the child to associate the correct image with the corresponding animal sound.

I really enjoyed getting this book. As soon as I got it I started pushing the buttons. I especially love the sound the cow makes because that’s one of the sounds that I do know. The cow says mooooo! 

Natures Bakery Fig Bar – $0.65

Whatever we put into our baked goods you are going to get out of them. So, admittedly, we are a little picky about the quality of our ingredients. And we make darned sure that they are ingredients you can pronounce proof of our unwavering devotion to creating all natural snacks. It’s just in our nature.

We received the Whole Wheat Raspberry and it was actually pretty good. There are two bars in the package and mommy and I both ate one each. The ingredients were all that we could read and it was super yummy. 

Deep Steep Hand Cream – $5.79

Deep Steep’s Hand Cream nourishes hands with enriched moisturizers targeted to restore softness. Keep one in your purse, one at your bedside, on your desk, and anywhere else you keep your quick grab necessities. Featuring Shea Butter and Olive Oil for quick absorption that won’t leave hands tacky or greasy. Just a little dose of luxe goes a long way with this highly anticipated product.

I am enjoying these hand creams but mommy claimed this one for her own. With the weather being the way it is dry skin runs rampant in our household. This is another for the diaper bag, well actually the mommy bag. 

Toilet Time Targets – $0.50

Add some fun to toilet training with Toilet Time Targets. Floating these targets in the toilet will make using the toilet fun, eliminating half the battle of potty training.

I am not entirely sure how these ended up in my box since these are for boys. I guess mommy will have to find a little boy to gift them to since I won’t be needing them. 

Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker – $7.20

Incredible value and superior craftsmanship make this item a top seller and childhood favorite. Brightly colored, smooth-sanded pieces help build early shape, color and size differentiation skills. includes eight smooth, easy-grasp wooden pieces to stack on the solid-wood, rocking base. Ages 18 months+

This is my second rainbow stacker from Melissa and Doug having gotten one in my Citrus Lane box this month as well. I am really enjoying this because I love anything that stacks. 

I loved my Bluum box this month although I’m not sure why a toilet time target was included. Maybe Bluum forgot that I was a girl. The total of my December Bluum box was $28.48. Not an entirely expensive box but I loved everything that was inside of it. 

Once again I’m not entirely sure what next month’s box is going to be but I’m already anxiously awaiting it.  Now if you want to get your own Bluum box you may sign up without waiting for an invite.

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