Clothespin Star Ornament

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go! Now, if that song doesn’t get stuck in your head, you may be lacking the Christmas spirit. I think Christmas has got to be my favorite season/holiday. Well, the Christmas festivities began before Thanksgiving at my house. We put our tree up, had the kids decorate, and even put the Christmas music on. It was genuinely looking like Christmas at my home for sure.

Speaking of Christmas tree, if you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids, something unique and handmade, then look no further than this Clothespin Star Ornament. You can decorate your tree, and the kids will feel special knowing that they made their own ornament, and sometimes handmade may be just what you’re looking for.

I have to be honest with you here. I used to believe in Santa, like most kids, but stopped believing at a very young age. I’ve always wondered how can one person travel to every house on Christmas day and deliver gifts? And then why were some gifts big and others small, and if he goes to every home, why didn’t the kids next door get gifts? Why didn’t I get what I asked for if he gives you what you wanted? I think my kids are just like me. I tried getting them into Christmas and the whole Santa thing, but it wasn’t working. They are huge skeptics except for Madison, so I’m going to enjoy Christmas along with her.  Now I have to say that even though we don’t “believe” in Santa, I do, however, believe in the concept of him. He’s here to spread holiday cheer to everyone. After all, who can be sad and unhappy when you see the jolly old St. Nick? Well, except for the little ones who are deathly afraid of him, but they are usually scared of most strangers, and you can’t blame them. Strangers are scary! So now on to our Clothespin Star Ornament that you came here for.

Materials Needed:

8 clothespins

Gold spray paint

Gold glitter

Hot glue/hot glue gun

Decorative twine


1. Glue 4 Clothespins together to make a cross.

2. Now glue one clothespin in every corner.

3. Spray paint your clothespin snowflake gold (do this outside).

4. While your snowflake is still damp sprinkle glitter on the top.

5. Hot glue a piece of twine tied in a loop on the back.

6. Your snowflake is now ready to hang.

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