6 Career Options That Are Experiencing A Huge Surge In Demand Right Now

Employers today want employees that have relevant skills for certain jobs. If you want to plan your career path so that you acquire the particular skills that employers want for the most in-demand jobs currently, these are the 6 career options that are experiencing a huge surge in demand right now:

1. Nursing 

Nursing is a noble career that anyone who is passionate about putting a smile on people’s faces can pursue. You can have many sub-options to major in once you decide to be a nurse. You can become a nursing assistant where you will be involved in helping patients at a healthcare facility under the supervision of a registered nurse. Because of the complexity of this career, career advisors at Laboure College advise that you acquire a proper nursing education for you to acquire all the relevant skills. With a good education, you can comfortably take crucial signs and symptoms in patients, feed patients, and serve them food. You can also learn to change and clean the bed lines of patients, bathe and dress patients, lift bedridden patients and observe and record any progress in ailing patients. 

2. Home Health Assistants

This is a new career path in many countries and it can be well paying.  As a home health aide, you will be involved in assisting your clients with daily activities. Most of the time you will work with geriatric patients and those patients that cannot care for themselves. You can also be tasked with helping the elderly either at an individual’s home or in a home for the elderly. As a home health assistant, your tasks will be helping your patients with bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene.  You can also be tasked with giving your patients medication and checking them for any signs of health deterioration. At times you can be called upon to assist with house cleaning. Remember you will be required to collaborate with nurses and clinical officers to provide your patients with relevant patient care. While there is no specific educational requirement for this career path, most clients prefer assistants who have been certified by the national association for home care and hospice certification body in your respective country. To be good at this job, you must learn to follow instructions religiously and have the ability to work under no supervision.

3. Physical Therapy

The relevance of fitness in today’s life is undebatable.  Most people have therefore taken it higher and want therapists who can help them set up specific equipment and maintain a clean environment for patient therapeutic exercises. As a physical therapist, you will be tasked with motivating patients and helping them accordingly based on the instructions given to you by their doctors. Your help shall however be restricted to helping your patients perform certain exercises and functional activities. You can also transport patients on wheelchairs and give your patients standing support to treatment and standing support from treatment. You need to be good at record-keeping as you must record each treatment you administer to a particular patient and the tools used for the same. You also must have some clerical skills. Besides some relevant training, you need to be certified by the appropriate basic life support for healthcare providers’ certification body in your respective country.

4. Truck Driving

This can sound like a dirty career for people who only want white-collar jobs. However, you are safer in the 21st century if you have truck driving knowledge and skills. It is a growing profession and is quite promising. Truck drivers help transfer goods from point A  to point B either from a warehouse to a supplier or from a supplier to different retailers. To work in this profession you must be good at keeping time and working on strict deadlines. 

5. Study Medical Technology

In this era of technology, becoming a medical technologist can be fun and fulfilling. You will be tasked with maintaining and operating different medical equipment used in the analysis of complex scientific tests of body fluids and blood. You will be tasked with maintaining and operating different medical equipment used in the analysis of complex scientific tests of body fluids and blood. Your major duties shall be to collect and prepare blood, urine, and tissue samples for medical analyses, identification of cell abnormalities in certain samples, preparation of detailed reports on the results of your analyses, and data collection and review. You must be good at teamwork to survive in this profession as you will be required to work with several relevant medical specialists to identify relevant diagnoses for the challenges you find. You need to study clinical laboratory science or medical biotechnology to fit in this career. You must have a good knowledge of chemistry and biology and have the ability to use different medical equipment and tools to perform better in this profession.

6. Be A Financial Advisor

People want to be better planners of their money. These services are so in need today. As a financial advisor, you will give your clients relevant financial advice and answer whichever financial questions they shall ask. You must be updated with the current market trends and investment opportunities in the market for you to be able to advise your clients accordingly. You should be able to help clients set financial objectives and work towards them. 

High Demand Career Jobs

You can choose either of the above career paths and acquire the relevant education and skills to be good at your chosen career. Interests and personal experiences can influence your choice of a career path. Choose a career that you are passionate about.

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