What is Card Marking and its Purpose

Card marking is a process done that is mainly used to cheat in card games and by magicians to be able to perform magic tricks. Conventionally, card marking was done by bending or adding visible marks that the marker could spot with ease. Nowadays, card marking is done at an advanced level where substances like invisible ink, contact lenses, and many other things are being used which we will discuss in this article. Stick with us as we explore more about card marking, its purpose, and the types of card markings practiced today.

Card Marking and its Purpose

What is it?

At first, card markings were simple and easily identifiable which included card bends, engravings resembling Brielle, and tiny bumps on cards that could be visibly seen or could be touched. In the world of poker, these tactics are still being practiced by hustlers to manipulate the game in their favor. A simple example to better understand card marking is in a game of poker where the stakes are usually high. A player with an intent to cheat might try to bend cards without anyone noticing. When these cards come into the opponent’s hands, the player who marked the cards would know. Most dealers have sufficient experience in spotting these marked cards to protect innocent players from this trickery. Still, try to stay vigilant in the game as you never know your opponent’s intentions.

Purpose of Marking Cards 

As mentioned earlier, card marking is used in card games and by magicians to perform tricks. Con artists and cheaters in gambling execute the act of cheating using marked cards in a sophisticated manner so that no one gets a hint that the game is being manipulated.

Recently, very sophisticated techniques of marking are already being practiced where the trickster uses invisible ink which can only be detected using special contact lenses or devices. The best way to understand is through reading on how to mark poker cards as several high-end techniques are being used. To avoid these cheating tactics, most casinos sell their card decks after trimming their edges so that deceptive players cannot slip in similar-looking ones. On an individual level, identifying these cards would be impossible for most of us as card marking techniques being used are way too sophisticated when compared to conventional card marking methods.

Types of Card Markings

To have a better perspective on the way cards are marked, let’s look at some popular methods being used. The processes listed below include traditional ways like scrollwork or cut-out work and relatively advanced luminous and juice marked technologies.

  • Block-out cards are usually single-colored cards that are tampered with so that the relevant cards can be spotted. For example, specific patterns on the back of the card can be colored with the same colored ink.
  • Another way of marking cards is by lightly tinting areas on the card. This method is slightly different from the block-out technique as only the color tone of the cards is slightly changed.
  • Luminous markings are used which are only detectable through sunglasses or lenses specially designed to locate the markings. However, the techniques used today require specialized gadgets to be detected, otherwise identifying marked cards will become impossible.
  • A more advanced form of the above-mentioned technique is video-luminous markings. 

These are only detectable through customized gadgets, cameras, and monitors. This method is mostly used to analyze card games.

  • Juice-marking is a specialized way of marking that can only be seen by a person who is well-trained in reading them.
  • A paste-like material named daub is also used to mark the deck used in the game. This paste is applied while in the game, eliminating the need of replacing cards beforehand. 
  • Juice dust is a tweaked-up version of the daub that can be used to mark cards while in-game. Chemicals like these allow discreet marking without anyone noticing and can be applied on both paper and plastic alike.
Card Marking and its Purpose

This was our rundown on card marking, the purpose, and the ways players could mark cards to their leverage. Cheats and hustlers will keep practicing and refining these techniques, so it’s always better to stay informed and always keep an eye out for any suspicious movements during the time. 

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