Using A Franking Machine: Do Benefits Outweigh The Cost

Technology has changed the way we do business entirely, especially in the last few years. Many smart solutions have enabled people to do their tasks faster and more efficiently. While letters are still a big part of businesses’ correspondences, they haven’t been totally replaced with technology just yet. However, franking machines have become essential for any business to save time and money on sending letters or packages. Franking machines, also known as postage meters, allow businesses to pay their postage costs in advance, put a date, and print a customized business logo before the post is collected or dropped off at the post office. You may be hesitant whether the franking machine is worth its cost, so that’s why these benefits of the machine will assist you in making a better decision.

Using A Franking Machine

Saving Money

People rarely send letters nowadays, and when they do, they send one letter, so they understand the difference a franking machine can make. Businesses usually send larger volumes on a daily basis, and when you calculate the costs of sending these letters, the amount companies need to pay is significant.  Franked post is more affordable than regular mail as the Royal Mail offers big discounts for businesses that frank their posts. For example, if you are going to send a letter of less than 100g first class, it will cost you £0.67 with stamp prices, but it will cost £0.60 if it is franked.

Franking Machines Are More Accurate

Weighing your envelopes or parcels is essential to calculate how much you are going to pay. Several franking machines come with a scale to weigh your posts. Getting the correct weight of your post will prevent you from over-paying for your post because you are not sure of the weight, or even worse, under-paying for it which can incur fines for the receiver or not deliver your post.

Giving a Professional Image

Envelopes or parcels that have the business logo or slogan printed over them give the business a professional image. Envelopes with printed logos are a type of effective advertising for your business. Having your logo printed on your envelopes through a frank machine will also remove the costs of ordering customized envelopes with your business logo printed over them. According to a Royal Mail survey in 2020, 50% of participants said they looked forward to receiving mail that looked professional, 88% said they paid more attention to such envelopes, and 96% engaged with these letters as they looked important and professional.

Saving Time

One of the main reasons to invest in a franking machine is to save time as it takes much less time than stamping, especially with a huge amount of letters to send. Additionally, franked posts are given a higher priority than regular letters or parcels because the processing of the postage has been already handled even before going to the post office. Your posts will be delivered faster and save time from when you put them through the franking machine till they get delivered to the receivers.

Increased Security

You may be wondering how you can control who is using the machine and if anyone can use it without supervision. Franking machines have pin code access that allows people with the authorization to use it. Moreover, the machine generates comprehensive reports tracking the monthly spending or allocation to different departments in the company. You will eliminate the presence of stamp books in the office which will increase the security of your mail. Finally, you can re-credit your franking machine any time of the week through an internet connection.

Provides Convenience

Franking machines are more convenient when it comes to sending posts. Instead of going to the post office, standing in a queue, weighing your posts, and the trip back to your office, you can simply do all of that by using your franking machine. Place the item on the scale, the machine will weigh the item and determine the price with any available discounts. Additionally, the Royal Mail can collect your packages from your office and save you the trip to the post office.

Using A Franking Machine

When it comes to buying a machine, several manufacturers offer payment plans to get it without spending too much money upfront. The benefits of franking machines will cover their cost in no time, as it saves you money on postal costs, advertising, customized envelopes, and other costs. Keep in consideration that when you save time on weighing and sending your posts, you also save money as you can invest the saved time on revenue-generating business tasks.

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