How to Market Those Practical (But Not Exactly Exciting) Products of Yours

Learn effective strategies to market practical products that may lack excitement. Turn your offerings into must-haves with our expert advice.

Marketing Plan

Not every product is going to make the customer’s heart race and scream “You have to have me!” at them, but that’s okay, because maybe it is really practical and useful to have anyway. But how exactly do you market those products that don’t set the consumer’s world alight?

How to Market Your Products

The Art of Storytelling: Make it Relatable

Crafting Your Product’s Origin Story

Every product has its genesis and humble beginnings. Was your groundbreaking (yet underappreciated) item conceived during a midnight snack run, or did it spring from the ashes of a spectacular DIY fail? Did you come up with the design for your stainless steel tube to ensure that it is as stringent and practical as possible for use in a number of industries, from construction to the oil business?

Did you design your new dress range to fit the shooter woman well?  That’s your goldmine. Share the saga of how necessity became the mother of invention. After all, everyone loves a good origin story. It’s like finding out your paperclip was designed during a desperate attempt to organize tax receipts on a stormy night—suddenly, it’s not just a paperclip; it’s a symbol of order in the chaos of life.

Everyday Heroes

Now, let’s spotlight those unappreciated heroes: your customers. There’s nothing more relatable than real stories from the trenches. That time when your product, let’s say a shockingly durable umbrella, turned a potential downpour disaster into a cozy, rain-soaked walk home. Or how a simple, yet ingenious, waterproof notepad saved a brilliant shower thought from going down the drain. These tales of everyday heroism not only entertain but also illuminate the practical magic of your product.

Humor Me: Injecting Fun into the Functional

Meme Marketing

In the kingdom of the internet, memes reign supreme. They’re the digital equivalent of inside jokes, and they can turn your practical product into a viral sensation. Picture this: your ultra-absorbent kitchen towel is now the star of a meme, heroically mopping up spills like it’s saving the world, one coffee spill at a time. Suddenly, everyone needs that towel. It’s not just about cleaning up; it’s about joining in on the fun.

Witty Packaging and Ads

Who said practicality had to be plain? Inject a dose of personality into your packaging and ads. Turn your product’s box into a collector’s item with clever quips or surprising facts. Think of it as wrapping your product in a smile. For instance, imagine a battery pack with the slogan, “Powering your devices, fueling your procrastination.” It’s unexpected, memorable, and might just be the reason someone picks your product off the shelf.

A Dash of Unexpected: Surprise Collaborations and Uses

Cross-Industry Collaborations

Nothing says “breaking the mold” quite like a collaboration that no one saw coming. Imagine a company that makes the world’s most reliable pens teaming up with a trendy coffee shop chain to create a “Write & Sip” experience. It’s about highlighting the ritual of jotting down morning thoughts over a cup of joe. It’s unconventional, sure, but it’s also a fresh take that can breathe new life into how people perceive a classic pen.

Unconventional Uses

Your product might be designed for one thing, but who says that’s the only trick it has up its sleeve? Take, for example, the humble rubber band. It’s not just for bundling pencils anymore; now, it’s a tool for opening jars, a makeshift phone holder, or even a fashion accessory (if you’re into that minimalist vibe). Sharing these creative uses can transform your product from a one-trick pony into a versatile must-have. Just like how metallurgical accounting software isn’t just for tracking metal production – it’s a pivotal tool in optimizing operational efficiency across various industries. A niche example, sure, but it illustrates the point beautifully: versatility sells.

Visual Appeal: Making It Instagram-Worthy

Product Photography

Who said a plunger can’t have its moment in the spotlight? With the right angle and lighting, even the most mundane item can turn heads. Think about photographing your product in action, but with a twist. A stapler? Capture it amidst a flurry of flying papers, as if it’s in the eye of an office tornado. These shots not only stand out but also tell a story that engages the viewer’s imagination. Remember, on platforms like Instagram, visual allure can turn viewers into buyers faster than you can say “cheese.”

User-Generated Content

There’s something genuinely compelling about seeing real people use your product in the wild. Encourage your customers to share their own photos and stories, making sure to create a unique hashtag to track all the action. Whether it’s a picnic blanket that’s seen more concerts than a roadie or a water bottle that’s traveled the globe, user-generated content showcases your product’s role in diverse life adventures. Plus, it’s free marketing powered by the authenticity and creativity of your customer base.

The Educational Angle: Teach Them Something New

How-Tos and Tutorials

In a world where knowledge is power, your product can be both the hero and the teacher. Creating engaging content that educates your audience about your product’s uses, benefits, or the science behind it can transform indifference into interest. A series like “Unexpected Uses for Your [Product]” or “The Engineering Marvel Behind [Product]” can make viewers see your product in a new light. It’s not just about what your product does—it’s about sparking curiosity and providing value beyond the purchase.

Workshops and Webinars

Why not take it a step further and host live events that dive deep into the wonders of your product? Workshops or webinars that showcase your product in action, offer insider tips, or even bring in experts for discussions can build a community around your brand. It’s educational, it’s engaging, and it gives your product a platform to shine.

Emotional Connection: Beyond the Product

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Today’s consumers aren’t just buying a product; they’re investing in what your brand stands for. Highlighting your product’s sustainable aspects or how it contributes to social causes can forge a deeper connection with your audience. It’s about showing that every purchase goes beyond mere transaction and contributes to a larger good. Whether it’s eco-friendly packaging or a portion of proceeds going to charity, these efforts resonate on an emotional level.

The Feel-Good Factor

Never underestimate the power of making someone feel good. Emphasize the emotional benefits of using your product—how it can offer peace of mind, enhance daily routines, or simply bring a moment of joy. A water filter becomes a guardian of health, and a notebook transforms into a vessel for dreams. It’s the emotional narrative that turns your product from a simple tool into a cherished companion.

Your product may not be mind-blowingly exciting, but that doesn’t mean you can market it successfully, as you can see. So, what are you waiting for?

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