Can A Bad Hair Transplant Be Fixed?

Can A Bad Hair Transplant Be Fixed?

For a hair transplant to be successful, it needs to be performed by skilled surgeons in the field to ensure the results you desire are achievable. Due to the precise nature of transplanting hair follicles, the margin for error has to be extremely small as any issues will be noticeable. If you are considering undergoing a hair transplant to address your hair loss concerns, you will want to ensure you find a suitable clinic or hospital that has a good reputation. If things go wrong, it may be difficult to correct easily and potentially cost you much more. So, can a bad hair transplant be fixed when it happens and what should you do to avoid this scenario?

Can A Bad Hair Transplant Be Fixed?

Choose a Non-Invasive Treatment

With a traditional hair transplant, this involved going under the knife and having part of your healthy donor area surgically cut to extract the hair follicles to use. This would result in more pain and discomfort and also leave considerable scarring. As the potential for error was greater and the visible scarring makes it obvious the treatment was performed, specialist FUE procedures were developed. If you have a hair transplant in Turkey, for example, a popular destination for cheaper treatment and skilled surgeons, a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant is offered which provides natural-looking results whilst not having to have any surgical cuts. The precise nature of the procedure ensures individual grafts of hair follicles are extracted meaning no visible scarring from the procedure, presenting a lower risk to the patient. 

Have a Thorough Consultation Before Treatment

One of the main ways to avoid a bad experience with a hair transplant is to ensure the consultation phase is thorough. If a lack of preparation is taken before undergoing the procedure, you may find that the results will be far from what you were expecting. By choosing trusted and experienced clinics and hospitals that perform hair transplants, they can ensure your level of hair loss is suitable for it. Rather than book you in no matter your hair loss concern, professional surgeons and consultants will take the time to assess your hair loss and provide realistic results for you. If they feel the donor area is not strong enough or the results will not look natural, they will advise you of this. This is much better than going ahead against recommendations or through a lack of consultation only to have a bad hair transplant.

What to Do If The Results Aren’t As Expected

For patients unfortunate enough to have the results of a bad hair transplant, all hope is not lost. If you are unhappy with the aesthetic you now have, seek further consultation from experts who can assess the transplant area. They will be able to advise if more can be done to provide the actual results you desire. Depending on the level of scarring experienced with traditional procedures, further grafts can be transplanted to the areas to help. If you have visible hair plugs, these can be removed through a hair restoration repair and help reverse the experienced results if necessary. If you are looking at having a hair restoration, you should similarly seek out qualified, skilled, and experienced surgeons to do so, avoiding further problems.

By making an informed decision before going ahead with hair loss treatment and avoiding using cheaper clinics and hospitals that can’t fulfill the results you’re looking for, you can avoid having a hair transplant nightmare.

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