Frugal Family Winter Activities

The whole point of doing some frugal family winter activities is to spend more time together as a family, in a budget-friendly way. These ideas are proof that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for everyone to have fun. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to try something new!

Frugal Winter Activities

How to Make Family Winter Activities Frugal and Fun

No matter where you live and what your winter months are like, these are a few ways to make your family’s winter activities both frugal and fun.

  1. Set a budget. You don’t need much of a budget but setting one will help you know where you are at with the activities that you can do. The winter months can be hard depending on your work or living situation so knowing exactly what the limit is on extra activities will be important.
  2. Get everyone involved. Don’t leave anyone out when it comes to coming up with some ideas. Instead, get everyone involved with coming up with creative ideas that can be done. You may find out some surprising information on what interests everyone has or would like to try.
  3. Simple can be just as fun. Complicated activities can be fun but simple activities to do with the family can be just as fun. 

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Frugal Winter Activities You Can Do with the Family


Check out the local options that will give you an opportunity to donate your time to help those in need. You can also check with the local pet shelters to see what they may need help with. Playing with a furry friend or helping someone in need is certainly worth braving the cold weather that winter brings us. It can also help teach children a variety of different skills and can encourage them to help or volunteer more.

Make S’mores.

I know, we usually talk about making s’mores in the summer when we enjoy a fun camping trip or want to enjoy the cool fall nights. Making s’mores in the winter can also be a fun activity and this is something that can be done either indoors or outside when you want to brave the cold.

Celebrate National Popcorn Day.

Did you know January 19th is National Popcorn Day? A day for celebrating one of our favorite snacks. You can celebrate by making your own flavorful popcorn or see what crazy flavors the kids can come up with. You can even make your own popcorn crafts to celebrate.

Make a Bucket List.

Fill it with activities that you want to do this year. You can include everything from winter activities to summer activities. 

Play in the Snow or Rain.

A must for winter, if you are lucky enough to have snow falling on the ground, get outside and enjoy the time you can spend playing in the snow. If there isn’t much snow in your area, there’s probably a good chance you’ll get rain giving you a fun opportunity to play in the mud puddles.

Watch the Sunset.

The sun goes down at an earlier time during the winter months, so it is still early enough to enjoy the rest of the night. Watching the sunset with your family can be a great experience and it’s a beautiful sight to see, especially during the winter months.

Start Decluttering.

Not as fun as the other winter activities on the list, but instead of waiting for spring, start going through items and decluttering on those colder winter days when you can’t really get outside. You know… this is also a great opportunity for the kids to go through their toys and rediscover those old toys they may have forgotten about. Any items that are in good condition and work can be donated to shelters, other friends, or local programs.

Celebrate a Special Winter Holiday.

During the winter months, there are a lot of special holidays that you can celebrate. For instance, there is National Bagel Day, National Puzzle Day, President’s Day, and many others. Some are weird and interesting while others are an important part of our history. Celebrating these different holidays can be fun for the whole family and introduce you to new activities or foods.

Go Sledding.

Just because you don’t have an actual sled, doesn’t mean you can’t turn something into one! For instance, a trash can lid, small kiddie pool, or even a plastic sheet can be turned into a sled. Get creative with making your own and using items that you have on hand so that you don’t have to spend much, if any, money on having some family fun this winter.

Take a Winter Walk.

Bundle up and head outside to see the beautiful snow-covered or areas around town by taking a winter walk. Winter can be a beautiful time of the year and while you can’t really enjoy the leaves or the beautiful sunshine, the winter months bring new light to things you may not notice during the rest of the year.

Winter activities do not have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, many winter activities can be extremely cheap or even free. The winter season gives you a lot to work with depending on your area and you should be taking advantage of that. It’s also a great opportunity to spend some quality time together with the family and have some frugal family fun. 

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