Best Ways To Avoid Common Pet Travel Mistakes

It is that time of the year where you will have to make various trips to see family and friends and share in the cheer of the holidays. If you are a pet owner, this means being a part of the 2 million pets travelers this year. However, there are some mistakes that pet owners make which cause pet travel to be relatively unpleasant. So, how can you avoid them? Here are a few.

Pet Travel Mistakes
  1. Train your dog

Traveling can be somewhat stressful- packing, rushing to catch your flight, or long delays. The last thing you would want is your pet adding to that stress. Pets can be unpredictable, especially when traveling. Therefore, it is vital to find ways to keep them calm during the journey. An effective way of doing so is by training your pets. Before your trip, be sure to spend time training your pet. For example, you can practice loose-leash walking instead of jumping on people if you have a dog. It can be helpful to train your dog to lie down quietly, especially when you are in the restaurant and most crowded places, to be on your best behavior at all times.

  1. Make Early Reservation

Like you would do to any location you travel to, it is essential to make an early reservation- for your various tickets and accommodations. This is even more crucial if you are traveling with your pet- a point that pet owners ignore. Some accommodations have a no pet policy or are picky on the types of pets they allow. By making a reservation in advance, it would help you know which places would satisfy your preferences. 

This is the same for booking your mode of travel, whether train, plane, rental car, or bus. Make an early reservation and make it clear that you will be traveling with your pet. When it comes to pet bookings, airline policies may differ in terms of documentation and pricing. Pet policies for car rentals also vary, so ensure to be upfront with all the details and, if possible, document your conversation in case of any future questioning.

  1. Limit the Spoilage

Vacations are an excellent excuse to indulge in everything you never eat for the rest of the year. This may be okay for you but not ideal for your pet. Unfortunately, this is the case for the many pets who pick many things during the holidays. These unfamiliar foods can cause gastrointestinal discomfort to your dog, which is uncomfortable for you and your dog. However, if your pet is suffering from some inflammatory or kidney problem, ask your vet or check online for natural products that provide kidney support for dogs. This can be helpful to keep your dog comfortable all through the journey. Despite this, it is vital to stick to your pet’s regular food while away.

  1. Buckle Up

More vehicles on the road during the holidays lead to more car accidents. For the safety of your vehicle’s occupants, including your pet, make sure to firmly secure it in a crate, carrier, or use a seat belt harness while driving. When planning a trip with your pet, think about your pet’s feelings. Does your pet enjoy driving, suffer from motion sickness or drooling? Or do they whine all the time in the carrier? For a smooth ride, it can be helpful to start acclimating your pet to its carrier or harness before the trip.

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