Best Travel Destinations In India For First-Time Visitors

Are you planning to visit India? We’ve got you covered with some of the best travel destinations if you’re visiting India for the first time. 

Best Travel Destinations In India

India is a nation accommodating rich culture and heritage with its diverse population. The country with 28 states and eight union territories has a gazillion places to visit, explore and experience. The states in each direction, from the Northern part of India to the Southern tip, have distinct essence of their own, from geographic conditions and delicious delicacies to must-visit spots. 

If you are planning to visit India anytime soon, here is a list of places ranging from snow-covered peaks to tropical beaches throughout the country that can take place on your itinerary. 

Classic spots:

1. The symbol of love – The Taj Mahal

One of the world’s wonders, The Taj Mahal, stands tall and magnificent in Agra. Shah Jahan, the Mughal Emperor, built this monument of grandeur in 1632 in remembrance and love for the ruler’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The iconic symbol of love in ivory-white, along the bank of the river Yamuna, is a beautiful sight you cannot miss. 

2. Rajahmundry

A city in the state of Andhra Pradesh has places like the Godavari bridge, ISKCON temple, Pushkar Ghat, and Maredumilli forests that are distinct from one another. You can click and treasure mind-blowing pictures amidst all these locations and carry the memories of your visit. These locations are such scenic sights that you might want to have your photos captured by professionals, and the best photographers in Rajahmundry can bring the best out of the locality. 

3. Kashmir Valley

The stunning valley that flows where the nation’s boundary starts is such a sight. The amazing valley from the Himalayan mountain and the icy view when it snows will be a scene you can take back in memory to your home country. The shades and grades of the scenery in and around the Kashmir Valley are something you cannot miss.

4. Qutub Minar

A tower in Delhi, the capital of India, is considered the tallest brick minaret in the world and deserves a visit. The Qutub Minar, also known as the “victory tower,” stands in the oldest fortified city of Lal Kot. The tower is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

5. Konark Sun temple

The marvelous architecture and carvings in the Konark Sun temple in Odisha are in a class by themselves. The carvings and patterns in the chariot wheel serve as a sundial. The temple walls have sculptures of Gods, animals, and mythical creatures with minute details that are intriguing and such a pleasure to the eyes.  

6. Jaipur Palaces

Jaipur is the home of several royal palaces with grandeur and stunning architecture. Rambagh Palace, Amber Palace, and Hari Mahal Palace are some of the many palaces that hold history in every wall and pillar. The majestic buildings with a dynasty’s legacy reflect the rich culture and lifestyle of the rulers and their empires.

7. Ajanta and Ellora Caves

The set of caves at Ajanta and Ellora in Maharashtra has several paintings and sculptures exhibiting ancient architecture. The caves are cut from rocks that carry an intense heritage. It was built between the 2nd century BC and the 6th century AD. The caves have Buddhist monasteries, and worship places for Hinduism and Jainism, an amalgamation of beliefs and religions.

8. The Tanjore Temple

Down south, in the state of Tamil Nadu, the Brihadeeswara Temple is an iconic structure that will make anybody visiting drop their jaw, considering the time it took to build and its intricacies. The sculptures and the details of the gopuram, the tall structure that stands magnificently in the temple, were carved out of a single, enormous stone. It is still a question of the technologies employed to raise the gateway that stands with such strength even today.

The Tanjore Temple

Your tour can include..

The above-mentioned are iconic spots from some of the states in India. The list below includes states and cities that have several spots that attract tourists. 

9. Manali

Manali, a tranquil and picturesque town in Himachal Pradesh, offers its visitors a variety of eye-pleasing scenes and adventures in its breathtaking snow-covered peaks. You can go to the Hidimabha Devi Temple in Manali, which is dedicated to Devi Hidimbi from the Indian epic Mahabharata. Tibetan monasteries represent the culture of the Tibetan population in the town. Solang Valley is a breathtaking location that will leave an indelible mark on your memory. The valley also offers adventures like river crossing, paragliding, and skiing. Manali has a varying combination of experiences for its visitors. 

10. Sikkim

A state in northeastern India is significantly beautiful across its land. The capital of the state, Gangtok, is a wonderful hill station option that deserves your time. The state also holds astonishing river bodies and falls, from the Gurudongmar Lake to Seven Sister Falls, which is one of its kind. The peaceful and less buzzing structure of the state adds to its distinct characteristics. 

11. Goa

A state known for its beaches and waves, with a lot of fun activities to perform, has several visitors every season. Palolem Beach and Agonda Beach are some of the 35+ beaches you can visit. If you are up for some adventure, Goa has bungee jumping, paragliding, scuba diving, hiking in the hills, hot air balloons, and much more to explore. Among these are spots like the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which also attracts many visitors. The typical beach landscape with greenery along its coast can give you fantastic pictures and memories. 

12. Delhi

The nation’s capital has several spots like forts, museums, the Lotus Temple, and Lahore Gate. There are even several areas for street shopping, where you can purchase anything and everything at unbelievable prices. The city is a combination of old, traditional, historic places along with a buzzing, planned city that has all the latest developments and advancements. 

13. Mysore

A city in the state of Karnataka, in the southern part of India, holds significant spots like the Mysore palace, which carries the history and traditions of the Wadiyar dynasty. The striking architecture of the monument is such a stunning sight. There are temples, museums, and gardens that are worth a visit and the time you spend there. 

14. Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari, a town in the state of Tamil Nadu, has places like the phenomenal statue of Thiruvalluvar, who has made a significant contribution to Indian literature and stands more than a hundred feet amidst the ocean. The beaches in the southern part of India have an entirely different feel and atmosphere. The Vivekananda Rock Memorial also attracts several tourists.

15. Mahabalipuram

A few kilometers from the city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu is Mahabalipuram. This place has several sculptures and carvings that are unique and intricate. The Shore Temple, the Descent of the Ganges, and Krishna’s Butter Ball are some places with amazing sculptures that deserve a visit. 

16. Munnar

Munnar a town in Kerala, has breathtaking greenery and is a fantastic option for a hill station visit. The Pothamedu View Point, Mattupetty Dam, Boathouses, and Eravikulam National Park are some of the places you can visit for the extraordinary climate, view, and pollution-free atmosphere.

In Conclusion

The aforementioned locations are all distinct in their own right. Each state has its own distinct essence in terms of language, food, culture, lifestyle, habits, and geography. By going to India and seeing the many different things the country is known for, one can have a full experience. When you are preparing your itinerary for your trip to India, these spots are some of the classics that are incredible and worth a visit!

So, plan your trip and explore the best of India today! Happy Traveling! 🙂

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