Tips for Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland

Maximize your Hong Kong Disneyland experience with these tips. Plan your visit with insights on attractions and magical moments.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland opened in 2005 and is one of Hong Kong’s two major theme parks. Despite being the world’s smallest Disney theme park, Main Street, U.S.A., Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and Toy Story Land provide families with a full day of Disney fun. 

Tips for Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland

How to get there

Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island, not far from Hong Kong Airport, and is less than an hour’s drive from the city center. You can also arrange an airport transfer ride to ensure a smooth transition from the time you step out of the airport. Please make sure to book your Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets online for hassle-free entry.


The Disneyland Resort Line travels numerous times every day, every few minutes, from Sunny Bay Station to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (the unique Disney-themed trains are a terrific way to start the day!)

By Public Bus

Routes R33 and R42 run between Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Downtown Hong Kong during peak hours and after the ‘Disney in the Stars’ fireworks show each night.

Take any A or E bus route to Lantau.

Link Toll Plaza, where you can change to Route R8, which travels frequently throughout the day to Hong Kong Disneyland.

By Taxi

The taxi fare from Hong Kong International Airport to Disneyland is approximately HK$145. You can simply mention Hong Kong Disneyland to the driver without providing the address.

Operating Hours

The hours of operation for Hong Kong Disneyland varies from day to day but is typically between 10:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Check the hours and parking for the most up-to-date information. Stay until the very end to see the ‘Disney in the Stars’ Fireworks Show, which begins daily at approximately 9:30 p.m. Arrive early for the concert and reserve a spot on Main Street, United States of America, to ensure a good view!

Ideal Time to Visit

As one of the country’s largest theme parks, Hong Kong Disneyland is bound to be crowded on any given day with both residents and foreigners. However, like with most theme parks across the world, the golden rule is to avoid going on weekends because that is when the locals go!

Although we cannot guarantee that weekdays will be less crowded, shorter lineups are more likely!

Top Attractions and Must-Dos

When you’re ready to go on a journey through the wonderful world of Disney stories, you don’t expect to ride rides like you would at any other theme park. You anticipate doing and seeing a lot more.

The good news is that Hong Kong Disneyland can read your mind.

Here’s a list of enjoyable must-dos from Hong Kong Disneyland’s plethora of attractions.

Mickey and the Wonderful Book: This is without a doubt the most stunning presentation at Hong Kong Disneyland. With a frenzy of inventive musical mashups, Mickey Mouse and his friends spring from the pages of a tale directly into your hearts. This 30-minute spectacle is a sensory overload that will have you humming along and drumming your feet for days!

Geyser Gulch: This is for everyone looking for a new adventure. You can immerse yourself in this geyser-filled fantasy and let the cool water showers wash your cares away. However, there is a (delightful) catch. These geysers are rather wicked, and they like surprising unsuspecting tourists.

Wild West Photo Fun: At Wild West Photo Fun, you can pose as a famed outlaw, relax in a fake jail cell, or strike a pose next to a massive gold nugget. These unusual photo opportunities will make your buddies green with envy!

Fairy Tale Forest: This charming small-scale replica of classic fairytales can be seen here. Stroll through Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread cottages, marvel at Sleeping Beauty’s towering castle, and discover hidden treasures in the depths of the enchanted forests.

It’s a Small World: This attraction is the largest in Hong Kong Disneyland and is part of the Fantasyland portion of Disneyland worldwide. The water-based journey features 38 Disney characters as well as over 300 audio-animatronic dolls dressed in traditional clothes from around the world, dancing and singing. They sing ‘It’s a Small World,’ in keeping with the ride’s concept of worldwide harmony.

Tips before you enter Disneyland

The Benefits of Avoiding Peak Visitation Periods

Avoid visiting the park during the cooler months, which are October to March. People flock to view the Halloween and Christmas displays and events as well. Also, avoid visiting the park during weekends, school holidays, and China’s Golden Week holidays, when it is at its busiest.

Arrive Early

Most people arrive at least 20–30 minutes early and form a line outside. Arrive early to beat the crowds and get on the most popular rides first.

Always reserve your tickets in advance.

And it’s easy to see why! Pre-bookings frequently include discounts or specials, which always saves time and the last-minute rush. Booking ahead of time is a wise decision, especially for venues as popular as this one.

In Conclusion

Hong Kong Disneyland is an incredible theme park where the entire family can see their dreams come true as they enter into their favorite fairytale novels, meet and hug Sleeping Beauty in her magnificent castle, say ‘hello’ to Cinderella, and walk with Snow White!

As the sun sets over Lantau Island and the park lights up, you’ll be even more taken with the breathtaking splendor that surrounds you.

This realm of wonders is a must-see for any dreamer, thrill-seeker, or child at heart.

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