What Is the Best Math Website for Kids to Solve Learning Problems?

Math anxiety is a scary phenomenon that affects up to 50% of the U.S. population. Researchers have also proven that this anxiety begins at a young age and has been documented in children as young as 5. Without proper help, it only gets worse and spirals out of control as kids grow older.

Fortunately, there’s an efficient solution for curbing this anxiety: math websites. Over the last decade, edtech has grown exponentially, and several educational websites have sprung up. While this shift is undoubtedly great, it does raise the question of choice. How does one sift through the plethora of options available? More importantly, what is the best math website for 4th graders or other graders?

The answer is simple: Brighterly.com. If you’re looking for a math website that teaches interactive math and helps tackle math anxiety, Brighterly is an excellent choice worth exploring.

What Is Brighterly?

Brighterly is an edtech startup targeted at young learners in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-8. Its main aim is to help kids tackle math anxiety, become better at math, and come to love the subject over time. To achieve these goals, Brighterly offers one-on-one math instruction with a team of expert tutors. Although Brighterly’s math curriculum follows US educational standards, the lessons aren’t limited by these standards. This means that the curriculum is flexible rather than rigid and can be adjusted for efficiency if necessary.

At the end of the day, children get to learn math with fun and ease!

Why Is Brighterly the Best Math Website for Kids?

Brighterly comes highly recommended by experts and other parents who have used it. But what exactly makes it a prime choice for learning math for fourth graders and children of other levels? Well, if you’re looking to learn math online, here are some of the perks associated with this website:

It offers an adaptive curriculum

In public schools, teachers follow a rigid curriculum. More often than not, they have to teach a class of about 20 students using the same textbooks and learning styles. While this approach might work for certain students, others might get left behind. This is because each learner has different learning needs and styles. Some students might be visual learners, while others might be auditory learners.

Brighterly’s tutors understand these differences and cater to them. Thus, they adjust the curriculum to meet each child’s specific learning needs and goals. At the end of the day, your child learns everything they need to without their needs being relegated to the background.

It utilizes game-based learning

In recent times, numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of game-based learning. Game-based learning is a teaching strategy where gaming principles are applied to learning. This strategy helps to improve students’ logical and critical thinking skills. More importantly, it boosts their knowledge acquisition and retention.

Fortunately, Brighterly utilizes this learning strategy in its curriculum. Using educational videos, games, and worksheets, kids learn core mathematical concepts and retain everything they’ve learned over time.

Free demo sessions

Subscription fees can be pretty daunting, even if the website provides excellent value. Fortunately, Brighterly helps alleviate things by offering a free demo session for users. The demo session is just like a real class; the only difference is that it’s completely free. This way, you get a clearer glimpse of what you’re paying for before making a financial commitment. It’s a win-win for everyone!

One-on-one learning sessions

One downside of the traditional classroom setting is that it lumps too many students into one learning experience. While group learning certainly has its advantages, it can be detrimental as students’ individual learning needs are often ignored or overlooked. Some young learners require extra attention, and this is hardly achievable in a typical classroom setting.

Fortunately, Brighterly offers one-on-one learning sessions with experienced tutors. During each lesson, your child gets special attention, which allows the tutor to thoroughly explore their learning needs and goals. As a result, the learning sessions are productive and yield results over time.

Regular progress reports and feedback

For a parent, it’s important to get regular feedback on their child’s performance. Brighterly understands this need and thus provides regular progress reports. After each lesson, you get comprehensive feedback on a kid’s performance and progress over time. This keeps you in the loop and makes it easier to spot learning gaps and problems. More importantly, seeing your child’s progress over time assures you that you’re getting your money’s worth. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

How It Works

Getting started with Brighterly is a seamless process that any parent would enjoy. If you’d like your kid to learn math online with this handy website, you just have to follow three simple steps: 

Select a date and time 

With Brighterly, the first step you need to take is to select a date and time that work best for you. You’ll also need to provide further information about your child’s age and grade level. Once you’ve done this, a tutor will be assigned to you, and you can proceed to the next stage.

Join your demo class

Once you’ve provided all the necessary information, your child can enjoy a free demo class. As a parent, you can sit in on this demo class to get a glimpse of what Brighterly’s learning sessions are like. In essence, you get a taste of the whole Brighterly experience before making any financial commitment.

Choose a subscription to continue learning

If you enjoyed the demo class, you could then choose a math course or subscription plan. Brighterly offers three different pricing plans for its users. You could book 48 classes, 96 classes, or its highest offer – 144 classes.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a great website that would help your child learn math? Brighterly is one of the best math websites for 4th graders and kids of other grade levels. This interactive learning platform offers numerous perks, from game-based learning to an adaptive curriculum and even free demo sessions. With a seamless signup process to boot, this platform is certainly an option worth considering.

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