7 Best Houseplants for Beginners

 Ready to bring some green into your home? Check out our guide to the best beginner houseplants!

Houseplants for Beginners

Are you new to the world of indoor plants and passionate about having the best houseplants to beautify your interior design? Then you are at the right place. 

Houseplants freshen up and brighten up your living room with their charm. They are superior to any other artificial decoration pieces that only possess materialistic attraction. 

On the contrary, houseplants, being healthy and hygienic, reflect nature. And the beauty of your life becomes doubled. 

Houseplants are capable of surviving temperature fluctuations, low light, low-maintenance, and less care as compared to outdoor plants that require all of your attention. This is another reason why people are becoming more interested in growing houseplants. 

What are Houseplants, Exactly?

Before introducing you to the top 7 houseplants, let’s first tell you what houseplants are.

Houseplants are all the plants that grow inside your house. They are potentially strong and can take low-maintenance quite well. From succulents to cacti, there are several houseplants you may use for your house’s interior design. 

Best Houseplants for Beginners

Beginners Guide: Top 7 Houseplants

If you are a beginner and are struggling to find what houseplants will be best for you, then make sure you pick your favorites from the following list: 

Here are some easy-care, most efficient, and the 7 best houseplants for everyone, especially beginners. 

Succulents are the first houseplants anyone should opt for. They are very easy to take care of and don’t require a great deal of attention from you.

They are very pretty and can take any type of harsh condition so wouldn’t have to care much about their survival. Identify and learn about taking care of various beautiful types of succulents at UrbanOrganicYield.com; this website will guide you. Since succulent varieties require a good light source, you may want to keep them around the windows.

2. Pothos 

Struggling to find suitable houseplants to beautify your room, Pothos are your friends here. They are very delicate, hearty, and vine-y, pretty little cute things that are so easy to look after.

Once you place them in a happy place, they never stop growing. Also, with the least of your attention.

Takeaway Tip: Cut down dead ends and stems of Pothos when they overgrow. Transfer the trimmed Pothos in a glass of fresh water and leave them to grow roots. Once you have roots grown, transfer them back into a pot of soil, and BOOM, there is another Pothos plant.

3. Cacti

Just when you are wondering what houseplant would be best for you,? Think of the cacti. They are very cute and attractive. You won’t have to take out too much time for cacti. Even beginners become handy with cacti. 

Cacti are as efficient and long-living houseplants as succulents. It is undoubtedly a great option for beginners.

4. Snake Plant

To have plants survive for long and indoors, you must pick the strongest and most stubborn ones. Snake plants are one of them. They are very attractive-looking, long, stylish plants that beautify your living room.

Snake plants also have anti-toxin capabilities that purify your air from harmful toxins. Snake plants are low-maintenance plants that are very hard to kill and very easy to take care of.

7 Best Houseplants for Beginners

5. Spider Plants

The spider plant is a versatile, decorative plant that keeps on growing to have a hanging display with the bare minimum of effort. 

All you need is to provide them with a little water and some light. And they are good to go. The toughness of spider plants lets you water them once in a while. Spider plants make the best choice, especially for beginners. They are easily adaptable to any condition.

6. Aloe

If you are looking for the most beneficial houseplant to grow in your house, then aloe is the best option. Being a beginner, you wouldn’t face any difficulties.

Aloe requires good sunlight. For that, you may place aloe partially outside, besides the entrance door, where sunlight hits occasionally. You may derive various medical advantages from aloe as a houseplant. 

7. Peace Lily

The peace lily is a beautiful, delicate yet tough houseplant that can take any kind of condition to grow. All a peace lily needs is a moderate watering session and very low light.

White lilies rising from dark foliage with beautiful curved leaves present a mood-boosting view in your living room that anyone can be a fan of. 

All of this makes lilies a great option for houseplants. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner; you can start indoor gardening TODAY. To get the most-suited houseplants for indoor gardening, choose from the above-mentioned 7 best houseplants. Best of luck!

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