Angels on my Pillow – Baby Receiving Blanket


What’s more adorable than a new human baby, well besides new puppies and kittens? Nothing I can think of. There’s something special about having a new baby, something that just makes everyone saw awww. There’s lots of preparation involved when a mom discovers that there will be a new addition to the family. Everyone goes into baby drive and plans on getting the nursery together, planning a baby shower, and even going in stores to look at all the cute little baby items.

If you’re a mom you may even find yourself looking at those baby shows on TLC a little too often. You know the ones I’m talking about. Mommy says that her TV used to be on that channel 24/7 when she was having me and all almost always ended up in the baby aisle of every store she went in. Everything was just so adorable and oh so cute, just like this new product that we are going to introduce you to. Introducing Angels on my Pillow, the official Wrapaboo used by moms and celebrities everywhere. Now your little ones can be wrapped in luxury in the arms (wings) of an angel. How darling is that?

Now here’s a little background on how the Angels on my Pillow Wrapaboo first came about. Almost all newborn product comes about because of a need and that’s no exception to this product. Jill Ruse decided to create the Wrapaboo to wrap her new granddaughter Katia in angel wings in order to comfort her while she visited. Grandmas are the best aren’t they?

Now we all know that there are no babies here in our household. I’m the baby and according to mommy I’m going to be the last one. So we had to experiment with our Angels on my Pillow using one of my stuffed animals which mommy claims is just a bit bigger than a newborn baby. I have to say that we were pleasantly surprised at the packaging. It comes ready for gifting in a very cute linen tote that that be re-used. Mommy and I actually think that it makes the perfect recyclable shopping bag. Its big enough to hold quite a few groceries.

Using the Angels on my Pillow Wrapaboo couldn’t be easier and if you struggle trying to do the hospital nurses wrap there are no struggles here. Simply unfold your Wrapaboo, lay your little one on it, fold the bottom up over and tuck them in under your little one, then fold the wings over making him look like he’s wrapped in the arms of an angel.

The material on the Wrapboo is very soft and will keep your baby warm so no worries about your little one feeling cold. One of the things that we really liked was the head support. Unlike regular blankets that are just a blanket, the Wrapaboo has a built in head support that keeps your little one’s head supported whether you’re holding him/her or not.

There are so many uses for the Angels on my Pillow Wrapboo. Here are just a few:

  • Can be used as a changing pad when you’re out and about
  • Great for baby’s first photographs, makes a great photo prop
  • Perfect for nursing or feeding
  • The head support makes it easy for your little ones to hold baby properly
  • Baby is safe secure and it makes passing baby around a lot more comfortable

The Angels on my Pillow Wrapaboo makes the perfect gift for baby showers etc. Available in a variety of colors and prints, the hardest decision will be choosing which one you want. You have a choice of the Classic or the Trend collection, but they’re all beautiful! I so wish I had one of these when I was a baby. This one is going to be gifted and I know the recipient is going to love it as much as we did. It totally gets our TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

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