10 Tips for Teaching Your Child About Recycling

Recycling seems like such a big task, but when you break it down, it’s actually quite simple. Learning to recycle as a family is a big deal and you can show your kids how to recycle by following these ten tips!

1. Research the purpose of recycling- Kids don’t always understand a concept, unless you explain it to them. Take the time to research with your child what recycling is and how it helps the earth.

2. Start your own recycling station at home- It’s easier to show your child how to recycle, when you are actually completing the task at home. Set up several different recycling containers to help make the concept of recycling easier on your child.

3. Teach your child about reusing- Recycling products is one thing, but you can also teach your child to recycle by reusing various items around the house. Refill that water bottle instead of throwing it in the trash.

4. Use less trash- Humans create a ton of trash every day, teach your child about recycling by teaching them to use less trash. For example: using your own bags at the grocery store, instead of the plastic ones they offer.

5. Make green decisions every day- It’s up to humans to create a trash-less society. You can teach your child to make green decisions every day that will impact their daily living. Using less water, picking up trash off the road, or even planting a garden in the summer are all great examples.

6. Do a craft about recycling- Recycling is about more than just putting plastic into a recyclable container. Completing a craft that shows children about recycling is one way to really get the point of recycling across.

7. Visit a recycling center- After you’ve gone through the process of teaching your child how to recycle, visit a local recycling center. See what happens long after the plastic and cardboard leaves your house.

8. Cleaning recyclables- Did you know that before placing a recyclable item in the recycling bin, you should clean it as much as possible? Help your child understand the process of this by walking them through the cleaning process.

9. Create a compost- You can do more than just recycle items in your home, you can also recycle food. Creating a compost is one way you can reuse the extra food your family will not be using.

10. Buy items that are created out of recycled products- Teaching our children about recycling also starts with consumerism. Show your child how to watch out for items that are made out of recyclables. You’re helping to create a healthier planet by buying smart.

What are some tips you have for teaching your child about recycling?

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