7 Adventurous Things That You can’t Afford To Miss In Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s oldest and largest cosmopolitan capital. It holds the reputation of being one of the world’s most beautiful and livable cities. 

This harbor city is a fusion of nature, art, and history and has many oceans and beaches located close by. 

When you visit Sydney, the things that will catch your attention most are its iconic structures and multiple harbors and beaches, especially the popular Opera House. Apart from these, the city has an array of tourist attractions that offer many exciting activities. 

If you’re confused about which places to visit on your next visit, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at some popular things in Sydney you can’t miss

Adventurous Things to do in Sydney

Jet Boating

Ah, the Aussies love this one. 

There are many places where you can jet boat on Sydney’s vast coastline. But the perfect jet boating experience is available between the Opera House and Ferry Wharf 2. 

The region has no slow zones, so you can enjoy your ride at maximum speed. To ensure you have a worry-free, fun time, make sure you put all the safety measures in place.


Australia is home to some of the best beaches in the entire world. You can’t imagine what surfing is like here unless you do it. 

Whether a pro or beginner, Sydney’s beaches have something for everyone. For pros, any beach in Sydney is perfect for surfing. For those doing it for the first time, many surfing schools offer training on how to surf.

Adventurous Things to do in Sydney


For an adventurer, skiing always remains on the to-do list. And Jesus, what better place than Australia to check that list. 

There are many ski resorts in Sydney. You can ski the snow-covered mountains of NSW Sky Field, which is located close to the city. Skiing passes can be purchased at a decent resort for only 100 Australian dollars.

Zip Lining

This amusing activity doesn’t exist in all places. 

To have an unforgettable experience, you can choose to zipline in Sydney. “Treetops” is the best zip-lining company you can choose. This adventure activity is great for solo enjoyment, unlike others that are more suitable for families. 

This is one of the most affordable adventurous activities in Sydney, with a fee of only 28 Australian dollars.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

When you are done enjoying adventurous activities for the day, head to the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a relaxing evening walk. 

Touted as the largest bridge in a steel arch, this iconic symbol of Australia is a marvel to look at, especially after the sun goes down. If you are looking to click some Instagram photographs, this is the right place for that. 

Adventurous Things to do in Sydney

Scuba Diving

If you were to listen to the happy tourists, scuba diving is a must-do activity in Sydney. 

Private agencies can help you arrange scuba diving sessions to make your trip more enjoyable and affordable. The signal station, south reef, and royal Sheppard are some of the best scuba diving spots. 

There are many places on Sydney’s coast where you can go scuba diving. Prices may vary from one agency to the next. An individual’s average cost is 200 Australian dollars.

Off-Road Riding

If you love riding in the wilderness, you can easily take your dirt bike for a spin in places surrounding Sydney. Some obvious dirt biking tracks could be Yengo State Forest, Lochmaree Motorbike Park, and Pacific Park. 

Before you hop on, make sure you have the essential gear like Motocross helmets, boots, gloves, chest protector, and pants. 

Adventurous Things to do in Sydney

In Conclusion

If you’re visiting Australia, Sydney should be a priority. The place has so much to offer; you will thank us after your trip. 

So, which of the above-stated adventure activities makes you want to book tickets to Sydney? Let us know in the comments!

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