7 Things to Stop Doing in the New Year

The New Year is almost upon us and resolutions may be on your mind. Before you start listing things you want to do in the coming year (all that you want to accomplish, places you want to go, weight you want to lose, habits you want to kick), I suggest you learn from past mistakes and focus on undoing a few things first. After all, you need to make room in your life for good things to come in by letting a few bad things go. I guarantee the positivity will flow if you can tackle this list. Here are 7 things to stop doing in the New Year.

Saying yes to everything

Whether you do it to be polite or because you honestly think you’re going to get something out of committing yourself to every little thing, it’s time to get picky! Prioritize what really matters to you and say no to the rest. Don’t worry about how people will perceive you. The truth is that people tend to look less favorably on a person that commits to something and cancels, completely flakes out, or doesn’t do a good job because she is simply spread too thin.

Giving excuses and/or lying to be polite

As a follow up to saying no more often, remind yourself that you don’t owe anyone an explanation and that sometimes “no” is a complete sentence. If you must give a reason, be honest and straight-forward. It’s 2017 and the time for game-playing has passed!

Canceling self-care

Mark your calendar in ink for self-care, whether it’s 15 minutes a day or a solid hour once a week. Whatever you need to do to keep your sanity should not be something you can bump in order to fulfill an obligation. After all, you can’t pour from an empty pitcher.

Taking obligatory vacations

If you only get one vacation week a year and you always spend it in a way that appeases your extended family or in-laws, just say no! You have limited time and money, so why waste it doing something that’s supposed to be enjoyable, but is really something you dread? You should not need a vacation after you return from your vacation.

Using excess to fill a void

Stop spending, stop over-eating garbage, and stop drinking (or whatever your vice of choice may be) if you have a habit of doing so to make yourself feel better. If you’re unhappy, do some soul-searching, go to church, go to therapy, get some exercise, but stop any self-sabotaging cycles you’ve gotten yourself into.

Living or working in “organized” chaos

Is it really organized or is it a hot mess? Clean up your space (physically and digitally) so you can be more productive and generally feel lighter.

Putting relationships on the back-burner

While it’s true that you need to prioritize yourself, you also need to carve out time for the people you love the most. Life is short. If someone matters to you, make sure he or she knows it.

If you’re unhappy, do some soul-searching, go to therapy, go to church, get some exercise, join an online sober community, but stop any self-sabotaging cycles you’ve gotten yourself into.

Here’s to a happy and amazing New Year in 2018!

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