45 Things To Do Before You Turn 45


If you’re looking for a list of things to do before you turn 45, look no further! We’ve got you covered.

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I can’t believe it, but in a few years I’ll officially turn 45, and as many people do, I have my bucket list of items that I’d love to do. Time moves so fast, and one moment we are twenty-one dancing all night, and the next, we are in our thirties focusing on our lives and goals, then just like that boom! We hit forty-five with a bucket list of goals that we want to accomplish and things we love, but again time passed by so fast.

Everyone must have a bucket list of things they must do before reaching a certain age. Do not take it as pressure, but as inspiration and motivation to live your best life. I have compiled a list of 45 things to do before you hit 45; some are small achievements while others are outrageous (well, to a degree), but feel free to add your own or even change it up; after all, we’re all different.

45 Things To Do Before You Turn 45

1. Learn A Foreign Language

Take up that Spanish class you have been putting off. Get a tutor or go the online route. Whatever works for you.

2. Take a Solo Trip

Plan, research, commit, and actually follow through on a solo trip. It could be in another city or overseas. You decide.

3. Go On a Date on Your Own

Take yourself out, spoil yourself, and enjoy your company. Do not worry about what people will think, brave up and go eat alone or go on a picnic alone.

4. Cut Off Toxic Friends

Learn who to keep around and who to disassociate from. Cut off people who steal your energy. We know how the saying goes ‘show me your friends…..

5. Learn to Play an Instrument

Piano, guitar, violin, ukulele, you name it. Try to learn at least one instrument. It will feel great.

45 Things To Do Before You Turn 45

6. Accept Your Mistakes

Accept your past mistakes and learn from them. Let go of past failures.

7. Learn to Say No

Learn that NO is an answer. Practice saying it and standing by it. No second-guessing.

8. Cook a Meal From Scratch

Pinterest and Youtube are going to save you on this one. Pick a straightforward meal or a complicated one if you feel brave and make that food from scratch.

9. Give Up a Bad Habit

Whether it is that afternoon cigarette or cursing, drop the habit and pick up a good one.

10. Learn a New Skill

Pick up a hobby that involves learning such as golf or sewing and teach yourself something that can be passed on later.

11. Read a Book

By reading a book! I actually mean pick a book, get in the moment, enjoy it and complete it. Go with your pace, but actually read it.

45 Things To Do Before You Turn 45

12. Volunteer

Serve someone by doing something for them. Sign up to help at the shelter.

13. Disconnect for Twenty-Four Hours

The best way is to keep yourself busy or go to a place with no network coverage or simply leave your phone at home. You will be surprised that you can survive without your phone

14. Travel to a New City With Friends

Call in a friend’s trip to a new place and have the time of your life surrounded by people who love you.

15. Learn to Forgive and Let Go

Accept apologies and recognize that no one is perfect and then learn to let go. Do not bring it up. Leave it in the past.

16. Take Up a New Sport

No more excuses! Learn a new sport. Join the local team; you never know you might just be the next Messi.

17. Face Your Fears

Whether it is heights or roller coasters, face it directly.

18. Drop Everything and Move Cities

Get out of the same old city you knew all your life and explore living in a new one. It will be fun, I promise.

19. Learn Your Family Tree

Know who your third cousin is and the history of your family. Reconnect with your roots.

20. Have a Photo Session

Book for a session with a good photographer. Do not be afraid to play around in your photos, be silly and have fun then hang one on your wall.

45 Things To Do Before You Turn 45

21. Go On a Road Trip

You can choose to go alone or with friends but make a point of going on one. Sing along to your favorite music and have fun.

22. Get Your Finances in Order

Pay off your college debts, set up a savings fund, and take care of your credit card.

23. Work at Your Dream Job

Nothing is more fulfilling than doing something you love and enjoy. Start sending out that resume to all the jobs you always wanted but were too afraid to try.

24. Be Alone

Be single. Be alone. Solitude is powerful. You learn to overcome things and be independent. Be alone for at least five months.

25. Spoil Yourself to a Spa Day

Get your nails done, that much-deserved massage, or a facial. Treat yourself to a full spa day before you are 45.

26. Know Your Style

Everyone has a personal style. It might be the way you wear your scarf or the way you curl your hair. Before 45, establish your own style of doing things.

27. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a learned skill, and you can learn it at any age.

28. Show Unconditional Love

Show love to someone fully and allow yourself to receive the same love.

45 Things To Do Before You Turn 45

29. Go Camping

Take a tent and look for a great spot to camp overnight, and you learn how to set up one as well.

30. Book a Fancy Hotel

Stay at a fancy hotel, and enjoy the moment. Don’t worry about the price.

31. Train for a Marathon

Get active and start training for a marathon or a walk for a great cause.

32. Do Something Spontaneously

Get up and do something without thinking too much. Be spontaneous.

33. Eat Everything You Love in One Day

Get all your favorite food and indulge all in a day. Eat those cupcakes, have pizza, don’t count the calories.

34. Host a Party

Have your friends over and host a BBQ or a simple dinner. Get everyone together.

35. Get a Job

Get a job and work hard at it. This will build a lot of qualities you can not learn at home. It is a great way to make money as well as learn a thing or two.

36. Connect With Your Family

Do you have siblings? When was the last time you saw them? Make a call and visit them. We often grow up and grow out of connections. It is a great time to reconnect.

37. Go On a Cruise

Take a weekend or a 5-day cruise anywhere. The sea has its way of bringing peace and tranquility to people. While I enjoy cruises, learn why we chose Norwegian for our family cruise.

45 Things To Do Before You Turn 45

38. Try Something New

Take advantage of learning something that you would never have imagined. A great way is following a friend, so you feel comfortable.

39. Take Care of Something or Someone

Take care of someone in need by being there for them or after.

40. Learn to Drive

Get driving lessons for a car or a motorcycle, whatever tickles your fancy.

41. Write Letters

Letters are personal, send out individual letters to your friends and family to make them feel special.

42. Rewatch a Former Favorite Movie

Lion king? Titanic? Make sure you rewatch a movie you once swore by. Cartoons are perfect as well.

43. Learn How to Make Friends

Learning how to make friends as an adult can be tough. Master the art of talking to people and building meaningful relationships with them before maintaining them.

44. Get a Full Medical Checkup

Your health is important. Book an appointment and get a full medical checkup. Check for everything; after all, prevention is better than cure.

45. Write a Short Story

Write a short story about the lessons you have learned in your life and things you wish you could unlearn.

45 Things To Do Before You Turn 45

In life, we often are busy taking care of other people, our careers, and we forget about the most important person, “YOU.” It is high time you pause, breathe, and do things that bring joy to your life.

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