3 Easy Ways to Have Fun This Holidays ~ #HuffySeasonOfFun

Who else is excited for the holidays? There’s just something about the Christmas holidays that brings cheer to everyone, and not just me, but the kids are all excited as well. In collaboration with Huffy, I want to share with you how you can have some fun this holidays.

Paid support and free product for this post is sponsored by Huffy and Disney; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Christmas means a lot to me, and it’s not just because of the gifts that are under the tree. There are the carols that are being sung, not just by a choir, but on my radio, and the smell of cookies baking in the kitchen. There’s just something about the holidays that radiates joy.

However, when it comes to the holidays, I also have to contend with the kids being underfoot since they’re also out of school. So how do I make the holidays fun for everyone, but especially the kids? After all, the holidays should be fun! I’m sharing three easy ways you can make it fun this Holidays.


Don’t you just love the smell of freshly baked gingerbread cookies in the oven? This is a time to get together with the kids and bake all the goodies that you can think of. Not only will you be spending quality time together, but just think of the delicious treats that you will be eating later.


There’s something about the kids playing dress up that brings out the kid in you. Dress up isn’t just for Halloween; keep some of your old clothes that your kids can get into.  Kids can be princesses, pirates, cowboys or whatever their heart desires, or we can do it “new school” and be doctors and lawyers. Just let your imagination take control.


Don’t let the cold weather disillusion you about the great outdoors. Dust off the bike if there’s no snow on the ground and get out and let the cool air graze your face as you bike around the neighborhood. And if you don’t have a bike, then the holidays are the perfect time to get one.

Huffy wants to make this holiday the season of fun!

Madison was recently gifted the Disney Royal Horse and Carriage by Huffy and even I got excited just seeing her eyes light up. Unfortunately for us, Colorado has been having extremely bad weather so she hasn’t been able to ride it as much as she wants to, but we’re hoping for fair and better weather very soon.

As you know, we are very big fans of Disney and Madison just LOVES the Disney princesses. She was actually Belle at Halloween last year, and Elsa the year before. It remains to be seen who she’s going to be this year, but we do know that it’s once again going to be a Disney princess.

For the little princess in your life, there is nothing better than having the royal treatment and the Disney Royal Horse and Carriage is certainly every little girl’s dream come true. And also for parents too. My husband who hates putting items together stated that it was a breeze to set up and that it literally took him about five minutes, from start to finish. 😱

The Disney Royal Horse and Carriage works like a true horse and carriage with doors that open and close, a horse with a mane and tail for your styling pleasure, a push button that says Disney Princess sayings and even a glove box storage compartment for her to house all her princess essentials. With class and style, your little girl will be the true princess that she is.

So head to Walmart and pick up the Disney Royal Horse and Carriage by Huffy and make it a Huffy Season of Fun this Holidays!

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