Jan 20, 2017

Button Spring Flowers Shadow Box

Are you already longing for Spring? Have lots of buttons laying around and need something to do with them? My Button Spring Flowers Shadow Box is easy to make and will add a dash of color to your home.

I can't be the only person tired of Old Man Winter, can I? I'm not a fan of the cold weather, I'm a Caribbean warm weather baby and love the sun on my face. I don't like excessive heat but a nice warm sun with a cool breeze is what I'm about. Unlike what most people think of the Caribbean, it's not hell fire hot in the Caribbean, after all, the islands are surrounded by the Caribbean sea, so there is always a cool breeze blowing. Yesterday, we had a fairly warm day here in Colorado so Madison and I went outdoors and decided to do what we do best when we're bored, we started on a craft. I like simple and easy things, I'm not a fan of spending hours working on a craft. Those hours can be spent doing other things. However, we had a ton of buttons just laying around and I needed something to do with them. I also had a few shadow boxes left over. Shadow boxes are so easy to create and you may remember my Jingle of Joys Holiday Shadow Box.  Whether you're a perfectionist or an amateur like I am, shadow boxes are a joy to make and always look beautiful, even with their imperfections. They are also fairly inexpensive to make, compared to buying them in store.

Jan 18, 2017

Time Saving Dinner Hacks

Save time with these Time Saving Dinner Hacks.

Picture this, your family seated around the dinner table having great conversations over a meal cooked special just for this moment that brings each of your days to an end. The almighty dinner time is a great time for families to reconnect as a unit and bond over a warm home cooked meal. The problem with dinner time is the cooking process involved, it can take away precious time from other responsibilities you may have. This is why today we are going to share some time saving dinner hacks as a means to free up some time so you can still enjoy that quality family time.

Jan 16, 2017

5 Tips for Surviving a Hurricane

Learn how to survive a hurricane with these tips.

Last week Colorado Springs, Colorado was hit with winds going as much as 110 miles per hour. Now I've lived in Colorado for the past 5 years and while we've had our share of crazy weather, nothing quite prepared me for this. We've had snow storms, rain storms, hail storms, but never a wind storm. Semi-trucks were left turned over on their sides on the highway, trees were uprooted, power lines were down and thousands were left without electricity. I took it upon myself to go outdoors and document it on a Facebook live video and almost got blown away. Note to self, DO NOT GO OUT IN 80 MPH WINDS.

When you reside in an area that has frequent hurricanes, it’s important to learn tips for surviving a hurricane. While not every country or state is susceptible to hurricanes, the majority of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast areas in the United States are prone to this weather pattern. Hurricanes are a tropical storm that unleashes torrential rain fall, storms and flooding for nearly 2 weeks at a time.  If you have found yourself residing in a location that may experience a hurricane read on for some tips to survive.

Jan 13, 2017

Crock Pot Candy with Mixed Nuts & Pretzels

Are you ready for something sweet but still good for you? Our Crock Pot Candy with Mixed Nuts and Pretzels will be sure to hit the spot.

It's my first recipe for the year and I wanted to start it off with something sweet but not too sweet. My family are huge nut lovers and Madison is obsessed with pretzels. I buy the mini packets so that she can take them with her as snacks and I snack on them myself. While I can't eat peanuts, that doesn't mean that I don't have them in the house, after all the kids just seem to love them. I have a nut allergy but it only stems from ingestion so I can touch them, just not eat them. That's not the case with all allergy suffers, but that's the case with me. My body is weird, for example, I can't eat raw apples or most red fruits, but I can drink apple juice, not sure why, but that's just the way it is. However, with the holidays wrapped up, you may have some candy stash that you may not have eaten. I'm truly not big on purchasing candy for my kids, I'm all about them eating as healthy as they can but every once in a while they get a sweet treat, however, making my own candy is a treat in its own and our Crock Pot Candy with Mixed Nuts and Pretzels is a winner.