What Does Your Mom Mean to You? – #MomIs #MomsDayAtKay

Kay Jewelers would like to know, “What does mom mean to you?

For the past few days I have been reflecting on what being a mom really means. I have had my struggles with my own children and really had to sit down and think about it. Over the years, my relationship with my kids has blossomed. I have been a mom for 21 years and it has not always been easy. Now I truly understand what my mom meant when she said “just wait until you have your own kids”. In celebration of Mother’s Day, Kay Jewelers wants to know “what does mom mean to you?”, and I took up the challenge to share what a mom means to me, and to share some of my Kay Jewelers picks that I think moms would appreciate, because I sure do!

Unconditional love

No matter how bad things get between my kids and I, they will always be my kids and my love will remain constant, just like my own mom was with me. I remember growing up I was very much the rebel but my mom didn’t give up on me. Even as I got older, her love remained the same. We would talk every single day right up until the day before she passed away.


You never know how strong a mom is until she’s protecting you. Think of mama bears, we’re that and so much more! My own mom was a stay at home mom and she took care of the household, fed and clothed us, while my dad worked. There is no one stronger than a mom.


How many moms do you know that go without so that their kids can have? That’s what selflessness is all about. Moms would spend their last dollar to make sure that their kids have what they didn’t have, and make sure that their families are happy.


I know that I would do anything for my kids, and my mom would have done the same for me. Our kids are our lives and I cannot see myself without my kids. My kids have changed my life and I would love to say that I have had an impact on theirs as well, and for the best.

I was blessed to have a mom who was my everything just as I was to her. Don’t wait until Mother’s Day to show your love, because as I like to tell everyone, tomorrow isn’t promised and today is. Cherish your time together and honor the mom’s in your life. To celebrate Kay Jewelers has an amazing selection of jewelry that you can share with your own mom, or a woman who means the world to you. Here are a few of my picks.

The Infinity Bracelet

The Infinity Bracelet shows the never-ending love of a mom for her child, complete with diamonds. We all know diamonds are a girls’ best friend.

Diamonds in Rhythm Mom Necklace

Surprise and keep mom forever in your heart with this Diamonds in Rhythm necklace which has a round diamond as its twinkling heartbeat. “Mom” is prominently displayed in 10K rose gold within an interlocking heart that hangs below.

Heart Infinity Ring

Once again diamonds and infinity go hand in hand. An infinity symbol adorned in round diamonds intertwines with a heart crafted of 10K rose gold in this romantic ring for her.

Emerald Earrings

Mother’s Day is in May and the birthstone for May is Emerald. Any mom would enjoy this cushion-cut, lab-created emerald shimmering with diamonds. I know I would!

No matter what mom is to you, Kay Jewelers has an option to make this a Mother’s Day she will never forget with a huge selection and something for every budget. They have fashionable bolos, stylish stackable rings, versatile bracelets, elegant earrings and more! Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Check out Kay.com.

What does mom mean to you?

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