The Benefits Of Working Out With Your Beloved

The proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Studies show that training with a partner has many benefits, but what if you take things a little bit further and try jogging or doing fitness with your sweetheart? Such approach really makes sense as on the one hand, it leads to better mutual understanding and communication between the lovers, while on the other hand, it allows for physical, mental, and emotional support that has a magic motivational power.

So… Want to do better and make your workout as effective as possible? Dream about a perfect body and an ideal relationship as a bonus? You will kill two birds with one stone through doing sports with your beloved! If you wonder how it works, check out our list of benefits right below.

Motivation is at the top of our list as it is the main driving force of any changes. Just be honest: is it an easy task to get up at 7 am on Saturday and go to the gym? Not really. But if you have an accomplice, the person who agrees to share the same fate as you in the early hours of the weekend morning, it will be so much less difficult to overcome your laziness and give up another sweet dream in a warm cozy bed. Besides, your partner’s support will make you push yourself harder and farther than the one can do on his/her own.

Working out with your beloved is good for your relationship as well, as it’s a great bonding experience, nohow. Psychologists say that exercising with your better half helps to build better communication and common goals that lead to a strengthening of relations between the partners. Many people, though, often make a mistake here, trying to look their best at the gym, instead of improving the technique. Feeling embarrassed about sweating in the gym is a bit daft – it happens to all. Remember that people who love us will eventually see us at our worst, but that doesn’t mean they’re gonna stop loving us after that. Just relax and be yourself and you’ll be surprised to find out one day that your imperfections are perfect.

Besides, training together brings something new into your routine relations. Despite you spend more time together, you don’t get bored with each other as the “decorations” are being changed, and the interest does not disappear. And, as a bonus, your sweetheart won’t get angry and jealous of your trainer or somebody other at the gym.

Moreover, couples that work out together feel the growth of sexual tension during and after the training. This fact was explained by the experts as follows: when doing sports, the body experiences physiological symptoms similar to those that occur when we fall in love: the rapid heartbeat and breathing, sweating, and a rush of endorphins begins. At the unconscious level, the lovers perceive it as a kind of romantic, sexual attraction, which will definitely affect the relations and improve the sex life.

The shades of friendly competition are able to make a super effortless exercise extremely powerful – both physically and emotionally. Scientists have proved that people try harder when they’re being watched. We don’t think that your beloved will really control all your movements, but your brain will think exactly like that, which is definitely fine. You’ll also have a subconscious struggle with yourself and a desire to prove to the partner that you can run faster, jump higher and generally be stronger than he/she thinks.

The other bonus for couples that work out together is the expansion of training opportunities. There are sports that can’t be performed alone (like tennis or some types of stretching exercises, for example). So, working out with your beloved allows for diversifying not only your leisure time but also the sports regimen.

Author Bio:

Amanda Thompson is an editor of The Crossfit Shoes where she helps people get stronger. She shares answers to running and sports questions, along with beauty tips. All her stories are result-oriented and make her readers become healthy, wealthy and wise.

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